Day 86: Recovery Begins

Day 86

Metabolic Surge: Strength/Recovery Phase, Day 1

Whew, after completing Mission 1, I definitely need a breather, so Metabolic Surge’s Strength/Recovery Phase really comes in handy! It’s been pretty busy for me these past two days and if you look at my accountability sheets, I haven’t had quite enough sleep (just under 6 hours each night), so tonight I’ll post early and sleep tight! I did however still do Flatten Your Abs training this evening, though I modified it a bit since I do not have a Swiss Ball. I did not want to go to the gym just for that and use up one of the limited number of vouchers (given to me by my “home” gym) I have for this year.

It was another busy day at work as I am wrapping things up with my project here in Brisbane. The highlight of the day was when I received a call in the morning on my mobile from an unknown number, which woke me up from my half-stupor. As I put the phone down I noticed my hands were actually shaking a bit! All I can say at this point is that it was not bad news (thankfully), but that it made me happy and quite nervous at the same time.

Over the next 10 days, I’ll be using the Strength/Recovery Phase to reflect on and analyse Mission 1. Also, I will be drawing up plans for my next mission.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


One thought on “Day 86: Recovery Begins

  1. Hi Ron,
    My last comment was eaten up. so wanted to thank you for coming by my blog. Loved seeing how well all is going for you and how centered you are. Will drop by often .

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