Mission 1: Comparison Pics and Stats

As promised, here are comparison pics and stats for the 84 days of Mission 1:






6 thoughts on “Mission 1: Comparison Pics and Stats

  1. Congratulations Ron, your pictures tell the story mate. Losing 7.5% bodyfat in 84 days is massive mate! I look forward to seeing what you have in store next mission.

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  3. Time for a bulk, Ron 🙂 But first, take some time to enjoy yourself!

    I have to add, this is a testament to the RTP style of documenting one’s weightloss journey.

  4. Thanks A LOT, Adam! You really have been a big inspiration for me, and yes, as Mark says, documenting my journey day by day really kept me on track.

    Lilla and Suzette, thanks for your continued support!

    Yes, Mark, for my next phase, I am planning to focus on strengthening and adding some lean mass. I’ll use the 10-day MS Recovery Phase to plan and relax a bit.

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