Day 85: Saving the Best for Last

Day 85

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 5

Good day, Shredders! Today I finished the last day of Metabolic Surge, Phase 3 Round 3. This program (at least besides the Strength and Recovery phase) really knows how to go out with a bang! On the agenda was a form of supersetting called Triple Add Set Training, where instead of reducing the amount of resistance with every “drop set”, you increase the resistance instead! Having just done Triple Drop Set Training for the whole body yesterday, it was quite difficult to do another whole-body training session, with a more challenging protocol to boot, this even though I have already done this type of workout once before. However, I was very excited to do it, which I did after work, since I knew that I had a reward meal waiting for me directly afterwards. So I just stuck with it and did the best I can with every exercise.

Nutrition was low-fat for the whole day, except for the last meal which was my reward meal. I went to an Italian restaurant and had chicken with risotto, and a very berry parfait for dessert. Both tasted pretty good, but as with most things served in restaurants, the serving was quite big and I felt full pretty quickly, so I just tried to take it slow. I did enjoy the food, though it would have been much better if I had a dinner companion! Oh, the joys of travelling on business…

Remember to reward yourself when you meet your goals. The rest of the time, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


One thought on “Day 85: Saving the Best for Last

  1. I just have one word: WOW… truly inspiring Ron… remember us and give us details about your next mission.. I’m so inspired right now!… thanks for that! you know what? you have to be sure that one of your PRW, which is motivate other people, is doing its purpouse… well Congratulations… wow 7.5 %BF!!

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