Day 84: Still Going!

Day 84 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 4

Hello Shredders!

Eighty-four days ago, I made a commitment to stick to a training and nutrition plan to help me achieve my fitness goals. Today is the last day of that commitment. This doesn’t mean, though, that tomorrow I’ll stop shredding! If you notice, I still have one more day in Round 3, Phase 3 of Metabolic Surge, after which I’ll go on to the Recovery Phase. However, as promised, I will be measuring my success against my targets tomorrow first thing tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

In the beginning, I still had some doubts as to whether I could complete the twelve-week plan. However, as I read more and more of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, Adam’s own 84-day journey, and listened to many interviews, I found that the key for me was not to willpower myself through a demanding training and nutrition plan, but to use goal-setting techniques and having powerful reasons why, coupled with believing that I can achieve what I set out to do.

Okay, so day 84 still was a Shredding day.  Pretty busy day for me.  As it was Sunday, there was only a small time window when the gym was open, so my schedule in the morning to early afternoon was really tight! After waking up and going to church, I did Triple Drop Set Training for every body part, followed by 9 maximal intervals (30s work + 30s rest) on the stair climber at the gym.  Today I did my training back at the gym across the bridge (which is affiliated to my “home” gym in Manila), since my membership at the gym close to the apartment is already ended.  I set personal records on only a few of the exercises (I think I was still recovering from my late-night HIIT the previous day), but still was a good workout.

In the mid afternoon, I walked around Brisbane CBD as it’s my last weekend here before i leave for Adelaide on Friday.  I took one of my meals in a foodcourt, enticed by the drop in prices as the stores were already closing for the day.  All I can say is, the food at that time was cheap, but you still have to choose wisely.  I initially got something labeled as chicken pasta, thinking that there chicken + pasta would be okay for a low-fat meal, but it turned out there was very little chicken in it.  No worries, I just got another dish and got the protein I needed from there.  Oh well, at least it didn’t cause much of a dent in my pocket.  However, the composition wasn’t ideal so I’m docking myself half a point for that one.

Feeling guilty, I did some more walking from the city, onto the train to cross the river to the cultural centre, then walked another 4 km back along the river to my apartment.  It was a nice, clear, cool evening, so the walk was very enjoyable.

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


9 thoughts on “Day 84: Still Going!

  1. Ron, my heartfelt congratulations! As I said on my blog the other day, you’ve been a real inspiration, and the results of your hard work explain why. Can’t wait to see what the next 12 weeks bring you.

  2. Hey Ron, before you are going to publish your results tomorrow: You are a real inspiration and I know that you did a major step whith your mission by being so extremely commited. You are looking fanatstic.


  3. Seriously, you did a great transformation! A really disciplined intelligent person…. muy buen escritor, muy buen atleta, porque el deportista solo hace ejercicio, el atleta tiene una mentalidad diferente asi como la tuya! Sigue adelante Ron! estamos contigo y te apoyamos en tu próxima misión… keep it up! I can’t wait to see the comparative pictures! and stats..

  4. Thanks Celina, I am humbled by your compliments. I have to admit though, that I had to read through your comments (in Spanish) twice to get the meaning, and had to look it up on Google Translation to confirm. 😀 But that’s okay, I need to brush up on my Spanish, so thanks! 🙂

  5. Congrats Ron, your transformation is amazing! You have become a great role model. I admire your discipline and your ever thoughtful perspective on what you are doing.

    Well done! I ditto Mark, can’t wait to see what you are going to do next!

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