Day 83: A Great Day Out

Day 83 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 3

It was a great day out to the airshow for me, but it started with a bit of a problem.  I woke up a bit earlier than usual, had breakfast, made sure to pack my chocolate-banana pancakes, some fruit, and a bottle of water, then drove off to meet my colleague at his house.  I left my car there then we hopped onto his car with his wife.  However, as we approached about 5km from the airbase, the traffic ground to a crawl.  This caused a problem as I had drank my usual two glasses of water at breakfast, and there wasn’t a petrol station in sight.  What was supposed to be a 30-minute drive turned into a 1.5-hour drive.  As we were crawling along, I was eyeing each bush with intent as we went past.  Thankfully, I was able to hold it until the petrol station just a kilometre from the base, and we arrived in time for the main flying program.  I heard many were not so lucky!

The airshow turned out great!  There were lots of different planes on display, classic bombers, fighters, and lots and lots of aerobatic manoeuvres, by small planes, big planes, single planes, planes in groups, and even the odd flock of geese. It was a beautiful, blue, cloudless sky, perfect conditions to watch the planes, but the sun was hot! Good thing I was able to stay hydrated, put on sunblock, sunnies, and a long-sleeved shirt (which I just borrowed from my colleague when I realized I forgot one). On the way back, my colleague and his wife invited me to dinner at their place, which turned out quite healthy, so it was okay with my nutrition plan. Since I didn’t have time to eat another meal anymore, I just ate a bit more than I would normally have in one meal and considered it meals 5 and 6. It was a great night of conversation and a nice way to end a great day out.

I arrived back in the apartment at 10pm, and sat down to write this blog, when I realized I hadn’t done my 20-min HIIT cardio! No problem, I changed into running clothes, went out, then did my run along the river. I was the only one running there at that time, but by no means was I the only one in the night by the river. A lot of them were partygoers, a few of them drunk (some of them making whoosh sounds as I sped past), but many were just people enjoying the crisp, clear night. Oh, I’m going to miss Brisbane!

I also remembered I had to call home and check on my dad. No developments for the worse, he’s recovering well, so I’m happy.

Hope your weekends are going along as enjoyably as mine is!

Enjoy your non-Shredding time, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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