Day 82: Preparing for the Weekend

Day 82 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 2

Friday, not as busy at work as the past two days.  Good thing, as the gym closes an hour earlier on Fridays so I was able to leave earlier than usual in order to have meal #5 with enough time for it to digest before I went for my training tonight.  On the way back I also picked up some chicken breasts to grill.  Before going to the gym I divided them into two batches with different marinades.  When I eat grilled chicken breast, I like it tasty, and with different flavours if possible every meal!

Tonight I did Muscle Rounds for the upper body: chest, back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps.  I was quite happy again to be able to progress with my exercises, adding a small amount of weight for every exercise I did.  I was also reminded that it was the last day of my membership at the gym I signed up with close to my apartment, so my next workouts will be back at the gym somewhat further away, which is affiliated with my gym back in Manila.

I have a day trip tomorrow with my primary project partner to see some planes at the Defence Force Air Show. In preparation, I made a modified version of the protein oatmeal pancakes which is featured in the Burn The Fat Inner Circle.  As I don’t have any vanilla-flavored protein powder (just the chocolate truffle), I opted to make chocolate-banana flavoured version, with a quarter of the oatmeal substituted with buckwheat.  I took a small slice to test for taste; I think it’s good enough to pack for tomorrow!  I also grilled the chicken breasts I bought earlier so that if I arrive late any day over the weekend, I can easily find good lean protein waiting for me to pop into the microwave.

Don’t forget the value of preparation, so that you can eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


3 thoughts on “Day 82: Preparing for the Weekend

  1. Ditto Lilla, they sound really good. Preparation is so key. My life has gotten so much easier and healthier since I started planning the meals out in advance. Have a great time at the air show. I am fomer air force fly boy and that stuff really jazzes me.


    p.s. anyone heard from Alex?

  2. Yes, Lilla, time does fly fast! And the choco-banana pancakes turned out well.

    Eric, unfortunately, no update from Alex. I hope he’s still managing to shred and update his site at least regularly if not every day.

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