Day 81: Happy Leg Training

Day 81 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 1

Mabuhay, Shredders!

I’m feeling very good today!  After a week of restricting starchy carbs (except for yesterday when I restricted protein), the return of oats, rice, and sweet potatoes to my menu plan was quite welcome and brought a boost of energy.  The extra energy was good as it was another very busy day at work.  Phase 3 Day 1 is also a day of protein loading, so there were quite a lot of extra calories from all those protein shakes.

Energy was also very welcome for me at the gym, as I did Muscle Rounds for the lower body.  Before going to the gym, my legs were still feeling a bit tired from the HIIT run and the last leg workout (also less than optimal sleep), so I was not very optimistic about the workout.  There were just three exercises in the main program, squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, and calf raises, plus Flatten Your Abs (Level 4 Set A), and a bit of the core combo, where I only did the shoulder external rotation as I was already doing Flatten your Abs.  Compared to my last muscle rounds for the lower body, this time I watched my form much better and thus did not feel as much pain as before.  I was able to increase the resistance I used for each of the three exercises, mindful to increase the weight only slightly so as not to compromise my form.  Measurable progress makes me one happy trainee!

Today’s pics show just how happy I am with my workout that I was checking out my legs. 🙂

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


9 thoughts on “Day 81: Happy Leg Training

  1. Wow.. below 8% bf… I envy you so much!! haha… well Ron, no doubt that you’re very disciplined and I tell you again, I like your blog so much because you change everyday, you have great comments, your discipline makes us want to start planning and.. you know what I mean.. so, everything’s going cool! keep up the good work and your PRW must be something really big for you!! Congratulations… you’re almost reaching the finish line!

  2. The quad man commeth! Nice job on the bf% too. And your arms are getting huge.

    The shredderspher: Making strait guys say things they never thought they would say about another dude.

    You rock man!


  3. Ron – protein * 8 == 8 shakes, or 8 scoops of protein into (x) shakes?

    Curious how you work 🙂 I am guessing you have 4 shakes a day, w/ 2 scoops protein and 1 each of creatine and glutamine?

  4. Mark,

    I followed MS’s recommendation of 8 shakes (one scoop each time), with the first one upon waking, one right after workout, one before sleeping, and the other 5 spread out (except right before workout). The creatine and glutamine are upon waking up, before workout, after workout, and before sleeping.

    On the first day, I mixed the creatine and glutamine into the protein shake for my first, last, and post-workout servings.

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