Day 79: Shredding in the Kitchen

Day 79 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 2, Day 1

Good day to you all Shredders out there!

Today was a protein-only day, so I ate an egg white omelette with sliced turkey for breakfast, grilled fish (either barramundi or cod) with green salad veggies for most of the day, and then finally some stewed lean beef for dinner.  This day’s meals turned out to be pretty tasty; I must be improving my culinary skills!  No, really, I just kept things simple and the quality of the ingredients did the rest.  I find that cooking and eating well-prepared food really makes even a strict nutrition plan tolerable, if not enjoyable.

In the early evening, I went out and did my HIIT run (near-maximal intervals, 25s run, 5s walk for 25 min) using my usual route beside the Brisbane river up to the pedestrian bridge which crosses it (the Goodwill Bridge) and back.  It was a bit difficult for me at first as my legs were still tired from last night’s lactic acid training, but I thought to myself, just do it!

Tomorrow is a no-protein day, so I spent a good hour and a half slicing and dicing fruit for tomorrow’s meals.

Keep doing those things that get you toward your goals.  Expect success!


Just as I sat down to write this (before sleeping), I received word from my brother in Manila that my dad fell and hit his head (causing a big bruise) while in the bathroom, probably after fainting.  He doesn’t remember exactly what happened before that.  He’s was feeling unwell these past few days, so tomorrow, we’ll get him checked up.  I pray he’s not in any serious danger.  He’s been pretty healthy for a 69 year old, and even goes cycling almost every weekend.  Hopefully that will enable him to shrug off whatever illness he has quickly.


2 thoughts on “Day 79: Shredding in the Kitchen

  1. I hope everything’s ok with your father… Sounds like he is a healthy man so let’s just pray and send him very possitive thoughts.. You keep up the good work!!

  2. I pray that your Dad will be fine. Maybe it was just something very simple. Please keep us informed about his health and know that we are here.


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