Day 78: Conquering the Prone Bridge, Step 2

Day 78 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 1, Day 5

Buenos dias, Shredders!

After yesterday’s two sessions of both weight training (plus core training, which I explain below) and HIIT cardio, today was a tad shorter, but no less intense.  It was Lactic Acid Training in the evening for shoulders, triceps, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.  Today’s training protocol (as was yesterdays) is pre-exhaust LAT, which means that each bodypart is hit first with an isolation exercise, then a a compound exercise.  The isolation exercises were okay, but by the time I go to the compound exercises, I could really feel the burn!  As always, the greatest burn was when I did leg extensions (4 sets), and then moved on to leg presses, for 8 sets!  At the end my quads and hamstrings were really hammered.  I could feel that my legs are already aching now; tomorrow should be an adventure.

After the weight training I proceeded to do Flatten Your Abs Level 4 Set B.  This included the Prone Bridge which challenged me a lot the first time I did it.  I had been working my way toward this exercise, so this time, I tried it again with the ball not resting against the wall, so this was actually for real now.  I was able to raise each hand in front of me in turn, for just about a second each time, so that is a big improvement!  I do need to work on getting more stable though as I fell off the ball several times, but I’ve been making progress and so I’m happy.  Once I’m more stable I should be able to hold the pose for two seconds as recommended.

I also realized that I actually did my Flatten Your Abs workouts a day ahead of schedule, so instead of doing it on Monday and Tuesday, I had done Set A last night Sunday and Set B today Monday.  However, I forgot to update my accountability sheet, so I just tacked it onto today’s sheet.

No problems with nutrition today, still on a low-carb plan.  Tomorrow will be an all-protein day so I cooked up some more protein (baked smoked cod and barramundi) tonight to prepare for tomorrow.

Keep working on your goals and expect success!


2 thoughts on “Day 78: Conquering the Prone Bridge, Step 2

  1. Hi Ron, looking just great, it must feel great to see changes everyday and that your efforts show good results.. keep it up!!

  2. My prayers are with you and your dad. I had same experience with my 69 year old father 3 months ago. Fell off a ladder and hit his head. Still doesn’t remember the accident or the helicopter ride to the hospital. Other then that, he’s doing great.

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