Day 77: One Week to Go!

Day 77 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 1, Day 4

Hello there, Shredders!

It’s one week to go until I get to my 84th day of Shredding, after which I’ll be assessing my progress over the 12 weeks that I’ve stuck to the Metabolic Surge program.  I will not actually be able to complete the second cycle of Surge by then (I will complete phase 3 of the 2nd cycle on day 85), but I will still be continuing the program through to the recovery phase.

It was back to the gym for me this morning for some Lactic Acid Training.  For those who are not familiar with this, this involves feeling the “burn” in your muscles by doing many reps (20+) on an exercise, taking just a short rest (20s), then doing as many reps again, for a total of 6 sets on every body part.  Today I did chest, back, biceps, and calves in my morning session, and as I write this now (late in the evening), all those parts are still feeling pumped (especially my biceps, which I usually think of as one of my weaker bodyparts).

It’s also less than two weeks to go for me when I again need to pack up my stuff, say goodbye to Brisbane (and Queensland), and then move on to my next project in Adelaide.  This means I wanted to squeeze in a bit more sightseeing while I’m still here.  Yesterday didn’t go very well (got stuck in traffic), so this time I opted for an attraction much closer to the city.  I went up to Mount Coot-tha lookout, just 7 km from the city, which has marvellous views of the city and the surrounding area.  It was a perfectly clear, sunny day in Brisbane, so there were lots of people there enjoying the day with their families.

View of Brisbane from Mt. Coot-tha

There were also some very tempting cakes and ice cream being sold in the cafes around the lookout.  Good thing I brought along a cookies-and-cream protein shake as one of my meals while I was there!

In the early evening, I then did my HIIT run by the riverside using maximal intervals, 12 intervals of 30s run + 30s walk. I added an extra interval for good measure, as I was feeling rather good. Upon returning, I ate my 5th meal and did my laundry and cooking to prepare for the week ahead.

Hope your weekends have been both relaxing and productive.  Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, shred hard, and expect success!


4 thoughts on “Day 77: One Week to Go!

  1. Hi Eric and Juli, thanks for your support!

    Yes, Mark, lovely view from up there. Also lots of little birds flying around which I had fun trying to capture. I would have wanted to stay a bit longer here in Brisbane; I haven’t had a long weekend to go much further up north.

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