Day 74: Lessons Learned From Last Night

Day 74 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 1, Day 1

Bonjour, Shredders!

Fresh from a relaxing night at the theatre, I was looking forward to another hard week of shredding.  This time, I already knew that the workouts would get progressively harder and longer, so I prepared myself mentally for this throughout the day.  I admit there were times when I dreaded having little time to rest during a workout session; there is almost no rest in Fat Loss Circuit Training apart from the time needed to prepare the weights needed to do the exercises and the “rest” period between sets is taken up by cardio.

It turned out I had nothing to fear.  Like almost all of my previous circuit training sessions, I skipped rope between sets.  This time, I felt I was more in harmony with the rope; there were fewer times when I mistimed my skipping and more time where I got into the groove.  At times, I felt like changing the pace: normal pace on period, then very fast the next, the relaxed pace other times (especially when I was tiring).  However, it was funny that towards the end, when was working my calves, was the time when I started skipping fast, when it was precisely the time when getting off the ground was hardest!  It must have been the joy of seeing the finish line of a long workout.

Nutrition has switched again to low-carb, since this is now Phase 1 again.  My menu today consisted of eggs, steamed white fish, grilled chicken, grilled steak, and tuna, aside from steamed and fresh vegetables.  I added fish oil, olive oil, almonds, and a small sampling of different cheeses for my fats.

All day the songs and dialogue from last night’s play were going on in my head.  I realized I could see parallels between the play and our physique transformation journeys.  My Fair Lady is a story of not just of physical transformation, but also of mental and emotional transformation.  The story makes it clear that while Eliza changed her outward appearance, she also changed and improved her attitudes, behaviours, and outlook.  She dared to dream, worked hard, and achieved her goal of becoming a lady.  Of course she needed the help of experts (Prof. Higgins and also Col. Pickering), but though Higgins thought it was all his effort which made Eliza who she became, the real work was on Eliza’s shoulders and no amount of effort from Higgins would have made her a lady if she herself did not want it.

It’s also interesting that the premise of the play is that the manner of speech betrays who a person is, his or her social standing and origins, and that if you change your speech, you can change your social standing.  On a physical level, the way we dress, the way our bodies look, give indications to other people as to what kind of person we are.  If a person is fit and healthy, projects confidence, and behaves well, he or she is more likely to be judged positively by peers and even strangers.  We may not all naturally possess these desirable attributes, but these things can be learned and earned through hard work and perseverance; these are things that we can control.  If we work on these hard enough and achieve our desired goals, we will not just fool other people into believing that we are better people.  There would be no need for fooling, because to achieve those physical goals, we need to be better persons first inside, and then the change would manifest itself in our outward appearance and behaviour.  These are the same lessons that I have learned from reading and listening to fitness experts like Tom Venuto, and also modeled by successful people like Adam Waters.

Well, that’s it for tonight.  Hope your internal as well as physical transformations are going well.  Expect success!


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