Day 73: A Relaxing Night at the Theatre

Day 73 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 3, Day 5

This was supposed to be a complete rest day, but I had my ab/core workout overdue from the previous day, so I woke up early and got to the gym to do it.  It was Set B of Flatten Your Abs Level 4.  There were four exercises there; I could do three of them, but one was really, really, hard.  The Prone Bridge is an exercise where you put your feet on a swiss ball and hands on the ground, then you lift up one hand in front of you, hold it, and then do the other.  It took me ages to do the first rep, and it was very hard to hold, so I couldn’t complete the exercise as written.  As I did not have time to really try to master it, I had to content myself with trying it out using a bench first.  I’ll keep at this level until I master this exercise!

The rest of the day went OK.  It was another busy day at work, but I had my reward meal to look forward to in the evening.  I ordered a seafood basket followed by a carrot cake at a restaurant, but it was a reward meal not worth remembering!  However, my night was not a total disaster, as I had also bought a ticket to watch My Fair Lady at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in the evening.  That was a blast!  It was my first time to watch theatre that was not part of a school activity, and it so happens that My Fair Lady is also one of my favorite movies.  On stage, it was an even better experience; I got a discounted ticket just three rows from the stage, so I felt like I was almost in the scene.  Those three hours went by so fast!  Even more so on stage than in the film, the wit of the dialogue was very very good, the timing and delivery of the lines was very good, and there were a lot of little details you notice on stage that you don’t see in the recorded version.

All in all, a good day to cap off another round of Shredding!  Back to low-carb and fat loss circuit training tomorrow!

Focus on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


6 thoughts on “Day 73: A Relaxing Night at the Theatre

  1. Hey Mark, yes, QPAC was very nice, as was the South Bank Parklands surrounding it. And, really, for the abs exercise I mentioned, it was like my hands just wouldn’t leave the ground!

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