Day 72: Challenges In and Out of the Gym

Day 72 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 3, Day 4

It was a busy day at work, lots of things going on; many problems solved, but also a few things left unresolved.  When I got back to the apartment, I ate my fifth meal immediately, but got distracted by a package which was delivered to me which I had been expecting for a few days.  Halfway down as I ran toward the gym, I realized I forgot to bring my workout sheet, so I had to run back and fetch it, then run back to the gym again.

Upon arriving at the gym, I was told that my membership had been cancelled!  I was expecting this anytime though; the gym’s automatic debit collection agent had double-billed me for a fortnight’s membership not once, but twice, and then billed me again even though I had asked to cancel my membership after four fortnights with them (excluding my two-week break).  It took me over ten minutes to get it resolved (so that I get another two weeks since I had been billed for five fortnights.  Needless to say, my already tight schedule to finish my long planned workout got even tighter.

This did give me an incentive to go through my routine (Pre-Exhaust Superset Training) with additional intensity.  I really stuck to the 1-minute rest intervals and went as quickly as I could between exercises, all the while trying to add resistance to every exercise that I could.  I especially liked the sissy squat + squat combination; that really hit my hamstrings hard!

After completing my weight training, I then stepped on the elliptical machine to churn out 7 max intervals of 30s very fast + 30s relaxed pace.  Unfortunately, by the time I finished, the gym was already almost about to close, so I had to postpone my Flatten Your Abs training to tomorrow morning before work.

Nutrition was mostly good, sticking with a low-fat nutrition plan except for a little cheat of nachos as a substitute for a “clean” carb for my last meal.  I feel I have been taking my calories too low over the past four days (save for the additional cake last Sunday) and have been feeling a bit tired from the compressed workout over the past two days, so I felt I needed a bit of a jolt to my diet.

I have to wake up early tomorrow, so I’ll have to rest now.

Focus on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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