Day 71: Muscle Rounds Part 2 and Twisting Fun

Day 71 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 3, Day 3

Good day, all you Shredders!

As I mentioned yesterday, I switched yesterday’s and today’s workouts in order for me to attend my brother’s judo tournament.  That means I did Muscle Rounds for upper body this evening after work.  I stuck with mostly the same exercises as before and was able to add a bit of weight either to all the sets, or at least one of the sets of all my exercises, which consisted of barbell bench press, seated cable row, dumbbell overhead press, bar dip, and biceps barbell curl.  When I did bar dips (a new exercise for me when doing Muscle Rounds), I almost completed the last set of the second (last) round.  It was tough as my triceps were already tired after doing both chest and shoulders before.  Still, i was satisfied with my progress and was especially happy to be able to stick with the 10-second rest intervals between sets and 1-minute between rounds without adding significant time, so my workout was quite intense!  I was using my wristwatch to time myself and as it beeped for each completed rest interval, I was determined to go for every set!

After Metabolic Surge Training, I then moved on to Flatten Your Abs training, where I now just started Level 4.  Of the four exercises for this day, two of them were new to me.  Both of these made use of a Swiss Ball and were basically horizonal twisting exercises with either the feet or the hands acting as anchors.  These really put my core stability to the test, but they were fun!  Don’t you just love fun workouts?  You’re gritting your teeth and grunting while doing the movements and sometimes even fail to complete the movement properly, but at the end of the set, you’re smiling and can’t wait to do another one!

With regard to nutrition, there was no problem for me following the low-fat plan for today.  Aside from that, today was also the last day of creatine loading and as I write this before I go to sleep, I just drank the last dose for this phase.  I added an orange to go with it as I read that creatine is better absorbed when taken with some simple sugars.

Focus on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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