Day 70: Learning About A Different Art

Day 70 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 3, Day 2

I had a long day again today. I woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, then rushed off to the eastern suburbs of Brisbane to catch my (elder) brother and his teammates at the judo tournament. They are a team of five (two males and three females) who were representing the Philippines in the Queensland Judo Open. My brother was quite new to competing in judo, but the rest of his teammates had lots of experience. The girls (who yesterday were all a little over their target weight, but got under when they weighed in again in the morning) ended up winning three golds, a silver, and a bronze, which was a great showing for them. We were all so happy!  Though my brother didn’t win anything, he did give his best and I’m proud of him for going against very good opponents.

It was actually my first time to watch a judo tournament, and I was in awe of the skill and determination on display on the mat.  I appreciated the beauty of the sport, and also noticed that a lot of the competitors were fit and strong, due to the discipline and hard work instilled in them by their chosen sport.  Perhaps it might be something for me to consider as a way of keeping active sometime in the future.

After the tournament, we proceeded to a barbecue hosted by my uncle’s buddies.  While the food was being prepared, I took the opportunity to bring my brother and the girls for a drive to the city.  Both their accomodations last night and the tournament were in the eastern suburbs, so they had not seen Brisbane itself.  Then back to the barbecue for dinner, and then after that, I took them to the airport to catch their flight back to Sydney.  It was a really good experience for me to actually play host for friends visiting from home!  From now until I go back in early December, I’ll be living alone again.

Once I got back to my apartment, I changed and went straight for my planned HIIT run.  Like before, I aimed for a little over the 15 minutes (total 18 minutes) of intervals using near-maximal (20s run, 5s walk) protocol.  I really had to do it even if I was a bit tired already since I had some dessert at the barbecue and I really wanted to burn it off!

Aside for the barbecue, I had kept to my low-fat meal plan for all the other meals by bringing my lunchboxes with me to the tournament.  I was able to stick with the meal timings just by sneaking out of the tournament hall on my planned mealtimes (unless my brother or one of his teammates was playing).

Hope your weekends were as exciting as mine!


5 thoughts on “Day 70: Learning About A Different Art

  1. Well I don’t see any hidden abs!!! great job! yeah.. I will deffenetly recomend snatch (very powerful exercise) and clean and jerk, you already do squats.. those are great to improve strength, power, speed, everything… my best lift was clean and jerk, specially the jerk ;0)… well enough… I told you yesterday that couldn’t wait to see the final results, now, I want to know if you’re going to continue with metabolic surge or your planning something different… ? I guess we will have to wait!

  2. Hi Ron.

    I got a question on Protein Loading. Metabolic Surge says “loading” only at the first day of Phase 3. Then on the other hand he goes on and says first thing in the morning, directly after workout, 1h after workout, right before sleeping. He also says in Phase 3 we should eat about 1 gram per pound of body weight (200 lb = 200 grams).

    I noticed you are not on Day 1 of Phase 3, and you still load. Do you take extra protein powder or is this protein included in your meals?

    I personally take only a post-workout shake on weight training days (ie. day 1 and 2 of phase 3 etc) and a pre-sleep shake every day. I do not have any other protein loading as I have enough protein in my normal meals already (250+ grams via chicken, tuna, diary, eggwhites, turkey breast, etc). With my post-workout shake and pre-sleep nutrition I am at almost 300 grams.

    Did I misunderstand something?


  3. Hi Alex,

    No, you did not misunderstand. I continued my loading on day 2 because I was not able to complete the protein loading on day 1 due to the very busy day. However, I also take a post-workout protein shake regardless of which phase I am in.

    I think the way you are doing it should be all right for your gaining phase. Tome Venuto does recommend focusing on whole foods rather than shakes other than after workouts.

  4. Hi Celina,

    Thanks for the tips. I actually was learning the basics of the clean, sometimes followed by a push press, before I started my fat-loss mission using Metabolic Surge. Once I finish “cutting” I’ll start adding back some powerlifting movements to help me gain muscle mass.

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