Day 69: Muscle Rounds, and a Different Kind of Weigh-In

Day 69 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 3, Day 1

I woke up ready for an exciting day.  I was doing protein, creatine, and glutamine loading so I drank this first thing in the morning before I cooked breakfast.  Following the Phase 3 plan, I was to change to a low-fat nutrition plan, s I made an egg white omelette with some turkey breast slices, and oatmeal with berries.

I was Muscle Rounds day for lower body!  In the morning when I went to the gym, I was feeling pretty good so I added some weight to every exercise compared to the last round.  By the time I was on my third of four sets of squats (each set was 6 rounds of 4 reps), my lower back was starting to fatigue.  However, unlike the first time I did Muscle Rounds with squats when the pain became too much (due to improper form even at the start), I felt that my form was better and only slipped toward the end.  I pushed on and completed the 4 sets!  Next time, I should watch my form better so I will only increase the weight toward the end.

However, the next exercise of stiff-legged deadlifts was more difficult given that my lower back was already quite hammered from the squats.  Toward the last set, I was finding it very hard to stick with the 10-second rest between rounds, and sometimes took as much as 15-20 seconds.  Still, I was able to complete the three sets, but noted that I should try to stick with my timing and form better next time.

Then it was Muscle Rounds for calves using the leg press machine (there was no standing or seated calf raise machines in the gym.  No problems there for me.  No problems either for the core combo which completed by workout.

In the afternoon I drove to the airport to meet and pick up my brother and uncle with their Judo team.  The original plan was to go to the judo competition’s preliminary weigh-in in the late afternoon; however, my uncle had to make a detour with us to meet with some of his college buddies now living in Brisbane.  Unfortunately for my brother and his teammates, the detour included a buffet at his buddy’s house.  Now, with judo competitions, you have to compete within certain weight classes, so it was really difficult for them to refuse the food being served lest they go over their target weight class.

Fortunately for my brother, when he went for his weigh in, he was within his target weight, as was his male teammate.  However, his three female teammates were all a little bit (a kilogram or less, one was only 200g) over their target weight class, and so have to come back in the morning to get weighed again before the competition.  Meeting the weight class at the last minute is more a matter of losing water weight, as you cannot really lose that much fat overnight.  So they plan to do some hard running in the morning and really watch what they eat tonight and tomorrow morning before the weigh-in.  I hope they make it tomorrow.

In the evening after they checked into their lodgings, I drove my brother back to my apartment and showed him around the city even if only one night.  This was our first time to be together overseas, so it was a unique experience for both of us.  Too bad they did not have more time as they are to return to Sydney tomorrow evening (and then onwards to Manila the next day).

I was able to stick with my low-fat nutrition plan using all my pre-prepared food, but had to eat a little additional at the unexpected feast.  I don’t think that would hurt me too much as this is a refeed day anyway.  However, I was not able to follow through with half of my protein shakes for my protein loading, so I will continue with the other half tomorrow.

My brother is competing tomorrow morning and he does not see himself going all the way (the competition is fierce), so I will be going there before the competition starts at 9:30am to make sure I catch him.  This does put my original plan to do the second Muscle Rounds workout (for upper body) tomorrow into doubt as the gym is only open for about 5 hours (from 9am to 2pm) on Sundays.  This is a very rare opportunity for me to see him in action overseas, so I will just switch the workouts for the next two days so I will be doing the HIIT tomorrow evening and the Muscle Rounds training the next evening.

It’s been a long day for me and I need to get my sleep!  Hope your weekends have been going well so far.  Don’t forget on doing something today about your goals!

Just for kicks, I took a picture of me on the porch leading to the riverside:

I think I look better under the sun!


5 thoughts on “Day 69: Muscle Rounds, and a Different Kind of Weigh-In

  1. You made me remember the times when I had to weigh in as a weightlifter… 69 kg. class… I had problems only once.. :0(… had to cover myself with plastic clothes, and turned the hot water in the shower on so that I could sweat down to 69.. for some reason I was 1.5 kilos up.. everyone had problems in that competition, I guess the scale was failing… yo vivo en Mexico entonces mi primer idioma es el español.. (castellano 🙂 … mucho avance en tu transformacion Ron, de verdad, es sorprendente, hace 70 dias no hubieras imaginado que hoy verias tu abdomen… keep it up! I’m a big fan of your blog!

  2. Ron,
    Fantastic. You are looking really ripped. Your dedication is really delivering dividends in definition. (sorry I couldn’t resist the alliteration)

    The abs are starting to pop. Keep at it Ron.


  3. Thanks a lot Celina!

    Wow, you were a weightlifter! I know there is a lot of benefit from doing powerlifting moves, so I have been studying a bit on how to incorporate some of these moves into my workouts.

  4. Hi Larry, I find that my abs really start to show at the end of my low-carb phases, when a lot of the water is taken out of my system. Once I get back to low-fat (higher carb), the abs hide again a bit, then show up a bit more at the end of the next low-carb phase. Hopefully, the next cycle will show them even more, so I’m keeping at it!

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