Day 68: No-Protein Day

Day 68 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 2, Day 2

This was a no-protein day, so the nutrition plan called for fruit, fruit, and more fruit.  I had already done all my preparations the night before, so today was all about enjoying those fruit.  It did get a bit monotonous by the evening (and most of the fruit were slightly acidic), but I know this is doing me good, so I’m pushing on.

Though on Metabolic Surge this should be a non-training day to avoid muscle breakdown, I did do Flatten Your Abs training, Level 3, Set B at the gym in the evening after work, since the routine called for a Swiss Ball on three out of the four exercises.  I did 3 sets (the maximum) as I had the time, whereas on regular days, I usually did just two sets for each exercise.

The rest of the evening I just prepared my food for the weekend, which now turns to a low-fat nutrition plan.  It is going to be a busy weekend for me, with my brother (on his first visit to Australia) and uncle coming up over for the weekend to Brisbane from Sydney to participate in a judo tournament.  Of course I will be cheering them on.  I also spent a good hour or two finding and booking last-minute accomodation for my brother’s group, as they originally had planned to stay with a friend who was living too far away.  I have tried to prepare as much of my meals now as possible so that I won’t be relying on store bought food over the weekend if I can avoid it.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


7 thoughts on “Day 68: No-Protein Day

  1. Very impressive Ron, crear discipline and well deserved changes.. I really enjoy your blog by the way…
    Do you speak spanish? Because I’ve seen a few words in your posts… Well, keep it up, can’t wait to see your final results!

  2. Hi Celina,

    Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my blog!

    Hablo un poco castellano, pero entiendo mas. My country was colonised by Spain for 300 years, so my native language has many, many Spanish words mixed in. Also, I studied a bit of conversational Spanish when I visited Panama last year.

  3. Keep training hard mate, you get good results! Fruits are very important all day long (maybe, excepted in the evening and before sleeping) and protein is your muscle rock (even if a rest is probably a good thing if you take Whey or casein..).

    ShreD HarD mate!


  4. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for pointing it out, I wasn’t reviewing it lately and now I’m encouraged. There are now certain times of the day when my abs are “peeking out” (especially after workout). I’m hoping to make them appear all the time in two weeks!

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