Day 67: A Moment of Inspiration

Day 67 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 2, Day 1

I had another busy day at work, with many things to be done one after another.  I was however still able to stick to my almost all-protein nutrition plan for the day.  However, by the end of the afternoon, I was feeling tired already; I think the lower calorie intake by way of avoiding both fat and carbs was hitting me.  Still I was looking forward to my HIIT session sometime after getting back to the apartment.  On the way back from work I passed by the grocery store again to pick up some more things that I needed, including a can opener (there was none in the apartment, so I couldn’t open the can of tuna I bought yesterday!) and a non-stick frying pan, which should make cooking eggs a lot easier.

I took a slightly different route for my HIIT run this time, as I was staying in different part of the apartment complex.  I took advantage of my direct access to the riverside and then did my warmup by jogging my way to the start of my usual running path along the river toward the cliffs.  I chose to do near maximal intervals (20s run, 5 s rest), but whereas Metabolic Surge recommended 15 minutes of intervals, I still felt good enough at the end to push up to 17.5 minutes.  After cooling down, I proceeded to take my pics, relax a bit, then prepare my dinner — you guessed it: canned tuna! (with some crunchy veggies and non-fat mayo).  Then I prepared the fruit I bought yesterday; peeling, chopping, slicing, and dicing into my lunchboxes and containers ready for me to eat tomorrow.

I took some time to browse the net and watch TV, then sat down to update my accountability sheets and blog before going to sleep.  It was then I realized, I forgot to do my core training!  I looked at the workout plan, and I had Straight-Legged Russian Twists, Dumbbell Side Flexions, and Reverse Crunches on Floor.  Thankfully, no Swiss Ball needed, but what about dumbbells?  In a moment of inspiration, I took my laptop backpack, put my laptop (still running) in, put two bottles of water into the side pockets, grasped the handle on the top, and voila!  Improvised dumbbell!  I admit it turned out somewhat lighter than what I should have used, but I made up for it by doing my side flexions more slowly and deliberately.

So the lesson for today is, keep your list of things to do near to you (I neglected to do this today), and try be creative when in a pinch!

Train hard and expect success!


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