Day 65: Long, Hard Training Session

Day 65 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 1, Day 4

You might wonder why I skipped day 3 and went straight to day 4 of my Metabolic Surge program.  I decided to consider my Sunday travelling day as day 3 (complete rest day) instead of making today a rest day.  Instead, I continued the program as if I switched days 2 and 3 of this phase.

I really wanted to catch up on sleep, so instead of doing my HIIT max intervals in the morning, I decided to extend my sleep a bit and do my HIIT after my weight training.  That means this evening, after busy work day (as my project is about to go-live), my training session consisted of three different workouts:

  • Lactic Acid Training for chest, back, biceps, and calves, using light/heavy sets
  • HIIT Maximal Intervals done on an elliptical machine (30s max effort, 30s relaxed effort)
  • Flatten Your Abs Level 3, Set B

Weight selection for my LAT exercises were much better today compared to the previous cycle.  However, I still do feel that, for the back (and to a lesser extend the chest), the supporting muscles get fatigued first on the high-rep set before the main muscle.  I was however able to push very hard on the heavy sets for both back and chest.  I was probably the noisiest person in the gym, grunting hard especially when I did deadlifts!

I used the elliptical machine for HIIT because the treadmills in the gym did not have quick selectors for speed.  I actually tried the treadmill first, but found that it took me about 10 seconds just to press the up/down buttons between the speeds I wanted, then a further 10 seconds more to actually get to the speed.  I quickly switched to the elliptical, where I could push at my own pace.  I actually thought the machine was going haywire during my work intervals; it turns out I was going beyond the displayable speed.  This was good as the only previous time I used the elliptical, I wasn’t driving it nuts.

Finally, I did Flatten Your Abs level 3.  By that time, I actually was the last person in the gym besides the lone remaining attendant.  Total time in the gym was a little under 1.5 hours.

I actually took my accountability pics in the morning, but upon arriving back from the gym, I was feeling pumped and decided to take another set of pics, which you see below.  Now, I’m not regretting having done my workouts today instead of resting.  I see some visible results compared to yesterday (when I took my pics in the morning, before my workouts).

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


I forgot to mention.  The new apartment I am staying in (while in Brisbane) is lovely!  It’s on the ground floor, with its own porch that leads right to the river side!


9 thoughts on “Day 65: Long, Hard Training Session

  1. You are definately starting to “pop” ron. Your accomodations sound much nicer then the Marriot I will be at in beautiful Omaha, NE. I really need to expand my business to more exotic locations. Hmm, maybe Cleveland. 🙂

    Shred on, it’s working!


  2. Hi Ron, Was wondering if you walked to the gym? Past the marina and the neat apts…sounds like a fun walk. Could be a warmup. Good luck with your eating. You sound like you are really doing things the way they should be done. High5s!

  3. By the way Ron, I also have that problem that the supporting muscles get fatigued first on the high rep sets. For instance when I did my back I used the wide grip pull down on the high reps, and it completely pumped up my forearms because of the grip. When I moved on to the Biceps I still had a pump in my forearms… even at the end on the rotator cuff L-raises I had difficulties holding on to my very light dumbbell, forearms were tired out!

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