Day 63: Back on the Road

Day 63 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 1, Day 1a

Good day, Shredders!

The day started for me on the plane. I was only able to sleep a little over 4 hours due to the flight schedule. Breakfast was served very early (04:30 Brisbane time) as the plane was landing at 06:00 in Melbourne for a stopover. I was served steamed fish and veggies, plus fresh fruit (in keeping with my diabetic meal request), instead of the usual sandwiches and roulades served to the other passengers on board, so that was good. On my next hop from Melbourne to Sydney (still on Philippine Airlines), we were served a very light snack (ham and cheese on crackers) for the 1.5 hour flight. I just took the ham and added a protein bar to make up the calories. On all my plane meals, I stuck with water as my drink save for the dinner where I had a glass of diet soda.

My plane arrived in Sydney on time, but my connection on Qantas to Brisbane got delayed for over an hour. Again, I relied on a protein bar to keep me within the 3 to 4 hour time limit between meals. Despite our flight being delayed into what was supposed to be lunch hour, we were only served refreshments. I opted for an apple instead of the muffins.

On arrival at my apartment in Brisbane, I took my daily pics then proceeded to have something to eat (and also get something to bring to the office with me tomorrow). I also made a trip to the grocery to buy some stuff for breakfast. Unfortunately, I have to stay just one night in the first apartment and move to another one tomorrow due to some booking difficulties, so I cannot unpack my stuff yet and do a full stocking of my pantry and fridge. I hope to be able to do this within the next two days.

No training for me today as I have to catch up on sleep, and the gym was already closed by the time I arrived.  As per my plan, I added  one day to this phase  to accomodate this travel (naming this day 1a on my Metabolic Surge plan).

I also found out that there’s also no  broadband internet in this apartment, so I am stuck with using my phone as a GPRS modem.  Hopefully the  data roaming cost won’t be too bad!

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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