Day 61: Reward Meal Day

Day 61 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 3, Day 5

Good day to all Shredders out there!  Hope your weekends are starting out great.

Thanks to the Shredders who gave their thoughts about my post yesterday when I helped a newbie in the gym.  Unless the newbie is genuinely obnoxious, I always try to help when they ask.  Who knows, maybe the lady I helped yesterday may turn into a fitness model in the future?  She may then pay the favor forward and help others achive their dreams in return.  I myself am paying forward the help and inspiration given to me by those in the Shreddersphere.

I had no Metabolic Surge training scheduled for today, but I did do Flatten Your Abs training (Level 3, Set B) in the early evening.  Good thing I bought a Swiss ball last year when they were selling at a discount.  It was for the most part taking up space in the bedroom (but sometimes used as a seat while my brother plays video games!), but today it was put to good use.

For dinner, I brought my family to a restaurant for my planned reward meal.  We had pizza and pasta at a new Italian restaurant, and then had half a slice each of carrot cake and blueberry cheesecake.  The meal also served the purpose of being my send-off meal (despedida), which is a Filipino tradition.  I’m sure they appreciated me eating the same (not quite fat-loss friendly) meal with them, as my nutrition plan of course necessitated that most of my food over the past two weeks was different from what they were eating.  I did at least try to eat the (mostly) the same dinner as they had over the past two weeks (less the rice during the low-carb phase).

The next few months still bring a lot of work-related travel.  Tomorrow evening, I’m flying back to Brisbane to complete my project there.  I’ll be there for about four weeks, then it’s onward to Adelaide to start my next project.  I have already booked my return flight to Manila for the first week of December, since flights will be tight by the holiday season.  That means it’s another three months on the road for me.  Then sometime after the New Year’s, I’ll be flying to Perth/Fremantle to then do the fifth (and last) project site, completing my tour of all the major Australian capitals!  Before Brisbane, I had already worked on company projects in Melbourne and Sydney.  Travelling is one of the things that I look forward to on this job!  Of course I’ll be continuing my fitness journey wherever I go!

Tomorrow, with some minor concessions, I’m back to low-carb nutrition.  In view of this, I had asked the airline reservations agent for diabetic meals, to minimize the sugar content.  It’s my first time to do this, so I hope the meals still manage to be tasty!

Focus on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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