Day 60: Rain, and Supersets at a Busy Gym

Day 60 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 3, Day 4

It finally happened: me running in the rain!

It was raining the whole night, and I was hoping that by the time I woke up to do my HIIT run, the skies would have cleared like they did yesterday.  On the agenda was 10 maximal intervals of 30s run, 30s walk. It was not raining when I woke up, but I have not gone over a kilometer into my warmup when it started to drizzle.  I thought to myself, well, I’ll get wet anyway with sweat, so I just pushed on, taking side streets most of the way.  In addition to avoiding cars (it was rush hour) and dogs, now I tried to avoid puddles and slippery-looking spots.  But it was fun; the air was cooler and I got additional training challenge.  Luckily it didn’t really pour, so I was not too much wetter after my rainy run compared to if I had just let sweat take its course on my clothing.

In the evening after work, I then went to the gym to get my Antagonistic Superset Training done.  It was the peak hour at the gym, so it was difficult to get hold of two (and at one time three) different equipment that need to be done in sequence without a break.  So I had to get creative.  For example, one round prescribed either dumbbell flyes or pec-deck flyes, and then a wide or narrow grip pulldown.  Both the free weights area (where the benches are) and the pec-deck machine are located quite far from the lat pulldown machine.  After thinking, I just got a swiss ball and the dumbells, found some space right beside the pulldown machine, then started lifting, using the swiss ball as my bench.  Not ideal from a strength perspective, but better than nothing!

During my leg round, a middle-aged lady who was obviously a newbie decided to use one of the machines I was using (leg extension) while I was in the middle of round 3 (of 4).  She didn’t even know how to use the machine yet!  But she asked me nicely for help so I instructed her on how to use the machine and she thanked me.  I just let my last set of that exercise go (but still did the other two); I do feel that it’s always good to help newbies out.  Who knows what good it will do for them?

Keep focused on your goals, and you’ll find ways to get you there!


3 thoughts on “Day 60: Rain, and Supersets at a Busy Gym

  1. Hey that was a cool thing you did at the gym, helping out a newbie. You may never know how much it means to that person. Good job, hey you are doing great, keep pressing forward.

  2. Sounds like fun running in the rain! I had kind of the same problem, in round 3 of quads/hamstrings/calves some lady and the personal trainer decide it’s better to sit on the leg curls machine while talking instead of standing around. But I chased them away 😛 (they didn’t really do any work)

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