Day 59: Clothes Shopping!

Day 59 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 3, Day 3

Buenos dias, Shredders!

I woke up a bit earlier this morning to do my HIIT run.  It was raining all night before (there is a tropical storm near Manila), so I was getting concerned that I might have to either postpone, or run in the rain (as Andrew did).  Thankfully, the morning brought rays of sunshine and clearer skies, so I was able to do my run in peace (avoiding a few puddles along the way).  No dogs chased me this time!  I think I improved on my pace compared to the last time as I had to add a mini-loop to my previous path in order to finish my running intervals in roughly the same spot.

There was no resistance training session scheduled for today, but that was welcome as I still feel the effects of yesterday’s efforts.  Peeking into the training plan for tomorrow, I’ve got both an HIIT session and a resistance training session coming up, so rest is really important today.  After the morning calm, it’s been raining the whole day, so hopefully tomorrow morning will be clear again.

Nutrition was good for me today, still on a low-fat phase.  Today, another manager in our office had his birthday, so he brought us to a Chinese restaurant.  It wasn’t difficult for me to focus mostly on veggies, steamed fish, and rice, so no problems there.  The rest of my meals were according to plan, but I did miss a serving of fruit when I missed bringing it to the office in my morning rush.

In the evening, since I had no training scheduled then, I found time to shop for a pair of jeans and two t-shirts, both to celebrate my progress so far, and also to refresh my travelling wardrobe (it’s much too expensive for me to shop for clothes in Australia).  I was quite pleased to confirm that I have dropped a few sizes down with my jeans.  I was wearing 32 to 33-inch waist jeans before, but this evening, I fit comfortably into a 29-inch pair!  Now that I’ve bought it, it will serve as additional motivation for me to stick with the program, or else it will just be wasted money.

Keep focused on your goals, but celebrate each little victory as it comes!


3 thoughts on “Day 59: Clothes Shopping!

  1. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you then to help the newbie out. Your concern for others obviously carries with you outside of the “sphere”. On behalf of newbies, thanks a ton!

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