Day 58: A Minor Victory

Day 58 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 3, Day 2

After yesterday’s Muscle Rounds success with lower body, today I planned to replicate it with upper body exercises.  However, the gym was pretty busy tonight and I could not do the same main exercises as I was doing before for chest and back, so I did different exercises compared to the last time.  For both, I chose a weight that I thought I could manage, but ended up picking weights that were a bit too heavy.  Nevertheless, I tried to push on as much as I could, only changing to a lower weight when I felt I really could not do the set with proper form.  This does give me a target to shoot for on the next round!  As all the exercises were for upper body, I felt good about the pump I was getting and probably looked at the mirror a bit more than usual!

At the gym tonight, I saw the guy whom I wrote about before who had commented on my increasing girth every time I went back from an overseas trip.  This time I got some good compliments from him and he told me that I was looking much leaner that before!  That made my day.  When he asked me what I did, I told him the biggest thing was that I focused on a clean diet, and even showed him the three lunchboxes which I still had with me (as the gym is on the way home).  He agreed that eating clean is at least as hard (if not harder) than training hard.

My nutrition plan today was low-fat.  However, I had to adjust a bit during lunch time, as one of my team members just came back from his own overseas trip the other day and decided to treat us to lunch at a pizza place.  I still brought along my prepared lunch (with grilled fish, veggies, and brown rice) to the restaurant (to the wonder of my officemates).  However, instead of eating the rice, I substituted it with a little over a slice of pizza.  It was a relatively nice pizza, not very oily and with a thin crust, so I think the damage done should be minimal.  The other guys had two slices each and some pasta as well, and were feeling stuffed afterwards.  For me, it was just all right.  One of the gals even took an interest in my steamed veggies!

Today, I got confirmation that I’m travelling back to Brisbane on Saturday the 13th.  It’s another long trip (via Melbourne, Sydney, and then Brisbane), but this time I won’t be staying in Sydney but just changing planes (and airline) there.  I’m already working on adjusting my workout plans to accomodate this development.  I should still be able to workout on Saturday morning, but Sunday I won’t be able to, so I’m adding an extra day.  As I’ll be on a low-carb nutrition phase by then, I’ll have to watch what I eat on the plane very closely and avoid the starchy carbs.  I won’t be able to bring much food with me as quarantine is very strict when entering Australia, so almost everything I bring with me on the plane to eat would have to be discarded before I enter Australia.  I don’t want to waste good protein powder!

Be focused on your goals, and be unstoppable!


6 thoughts on “Day 58: A Minor Victory

  1. Hi Ron! Thanks for the “about me” comment on my blog! Loved the part about your glasses! How funny! Looks like the Metabolic Surge program is working for ya!

  2. It must have felt good to see that guy today!

    Second lesson to be learned from this post: always eat your veggies and everything will be fine with the girls 😉

    You start to look like one of these kick-boxers with your ripped look and V-shaped upper body, good work!

  3. Thanks for your nice comments, Shari, Juli, and Alex!

    And yes, Alex, it felt good to see that guy. I even told him that one of the things that motivated me to do well was his comments before, so I thanked him for that.

  4. Hi Ron,
    You have been so nice to come by my blog often…thanx a lot! I enjoyed reading how you have dropped down a few jeans sizes….now, that is true enjoyment I´ll bet. Glad you are having some transformation success so fast. Hope the rain isn´t all that bad. Read that you guys are close to a tropical storm that could be a bad one. Good to see those photos….great improvements!

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