Day 57: Improved Muscle Rounds

Day 57 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 3, Day 1

Thanks to all the Shredders who left me with good remarks yesterday.  Your continued support of my quest has been amazing!

Nutrition today is based on a low-fat meals, but with some modifications to accomodate protein loading via protein shakes approximately every 2 hours.  At the same time, I also loaded on creatine and glutamine.  With all those shakes, getting my water intake right was a piece of cake!

Training was Muscle Rounds for the lower body, consisting of squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, and calf raises.  With squats, after having lowered the weight to concentrate on proper form during previous muscle rounds sessions, I added more weight this time compared to last.  I completed the squats without any lower-back pain!  I even added a bit more weight during the last set.  Needless to say, I was feeling good!

This continued with stiff legged deadlifts, where I also increased the weights (and completed it feeling slightly woozy, which is just right) and calf raises.  So I was feeling good.  The strength and recovery phase must have done a good job with my strength.  I then finished by starting Level 3 of Flatten Your Abs training.

My only blemish on my nutrition plan was a slight delay for my last meal, as I was caught in the rain on the way home and had to wait in a long line for public transport.

Keep focused on your goals!


One thought on “Day 57: Improved Muscle Rounds

  1. You are definately getting cut! Nice job. Thanks for the input yesterday, It was appreciated and followed. I bought the Venuto book and upped the calories.

    shred on bud!

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