Day 56: Eight Weeks On, Four Weeks To Go

Day 56 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 2, Day 2

Today was a rest day from any training, as it was a no-protein, all-fruit day.  I needed it badly, as my legs (and to some degree my back) are still aching from the workouts from the previous days (the lactic acid training for legs was a killer!).  I actually felt I slowed down a bit yesterday during my HIIT run because of this.

It was fun eating tropical fruit for a change: mangoes, rambutan, really sweet pineapples and bananas.  I still had grapes, apples, and melons, but the real highlights were the tropical fruit.

I was reading Adam’s post today regarding failure, and it was very timely.  Today is eight weeks from when I started my mission, so it’s time to review.

Looking at my progress over the last 8 weeks, I am satisfied with the results. My waist has been shrinking. Before I started, I had just bought a new belt, and I wore it at the 4th notch.  Today I am using the 5th and last notch, and it is still a bit loose. The waistband of my jeans is now so loose that without the belt it’s unwearable.  My eldest brother was jokingly poking me earlier today, checking to see if what he was seeing (or wasn’t seeing) on my waist was real.

However, looking back at the primary goal I set, which is to see my abs… Am I getting close?  I feel they’re close to the surface now.  At certain angles and lighting conditions, I could already see some bumps.  Looking at Adam’s progress at 56 days, he already had quite visible abs by then.  Does this make me a failure?  Of course not!  I have not given up.  I know deep in my heart that as long as I keep going, I’ll get to see my abs.

During the second four weeks my progress has been a bit slower compared to the first four, given that two weeks of it have been the recovery phase plus a few transition days.  Could I have done better?  I know there were some areas where I could have done better (like avoiding the desserts while I was in Sydney).  I realize there were times when during a training session, I could have pushed harder, got another rep here and there, or ran an extra minute.  I know that to get to my goal four weeks from now, I have to be honest with myself and push as hard as I can and not chicken out.

This coming weekend, I may or may not be travelling back to Brisbane already (that’s to be known within this coming work week), so I have to be flexible with my plans.  As of now, the next five days will be Round 1 Phase 3 of Metabolic Surge.

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!

Here are comparison pics between Days 0 and 56.

And here is my post on Day 28 for comparison.


12 thoughts on “Day 56: Eight Weeks On, Four Weeks To Go

  1. Hi Ron, congratulations on your 8-week progress mate. I can definitely see a a big difference in your waist line and your obliques. Mate, you have taken massive action and gotten results, that is success!

  2. WOW. Massive Improvement on your waist.
    It looks almost unhealthy when looking from the back.
    Whats your bf now?
    I say 8 or less.

  3. Ron, Whoa – fantastic progress in just 56 days! You can see every muscle group – pecs, abs, delts, lats, waist is narrow – even your posture in the side view shows so much more confident. I bet you are even walking straighter and with more confidence. Congratulations on job well done. Shred on – the six pack is right there.

    Mate – awesome!

  4. Great progress in 8 weeks my friend! Bodyfat has melted to reveal some great definition. You continued progress is inspiring.

  5. Hi Danny, I hope I’m not getting unhealthy at the back! It may be an illusion; seems my previous work on my back is finally showing its results.

    I’m not at 8% yet. If I’m doing the skinfolds right, I’m somewhere between 9 and 10% (using a three-point skinfold test – chest, abdomen, and front thigh).

  6. Thanks Larry for your continued support! Yes, I think my posture has improved a lot since I started. And yes, the confidence is coming! Can’t wait to see my six-pack!

  7. Thanks Mike. I have been wondering for years if any of my lifting has made a difference, since I’ve always had fat covering things up.

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