Day 54: Damage Limitation

Day 54 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 1, Day 5

Bonjour, Shredders!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, my boss asked me and his direct reports to join him for a beer at a restaurant/bar after work today.  I was able to stick to just one light beer sipped over an hour and a half as I had planned.  Though I was offered a second one twice, my second drink was a glass of water.  Meal #5 coincided with this get-together, so I made my two preceding meals a bit larger in expectation of having not much to eat with the beer.  For tapas, my officemates ordered the Filipino traditional sizzling sisig with egg, which is a bit high in fat.  To balance it out, I suggested  sizzling garlic mushrooms for our second dish.  My other meals were according to the low-carb plan, so I think I did not do too badly on the nutrition front overall.

After our office get-together, I proceeded to the gym and did my Lactic Acid Training for shoulders, triceps, and legs.  I was able to push harder that I did last time, especially with the leg presses.  I really felt the burn there.  I think it’s because the leg muscles are some of the largest on the body, so it takes a while for the lactic acid to build up, and it also takes a long time to clear.  I finished my workout by doing Level 2 Flatten Your Abs training.

Keep focused on your goals, and don’t let the bumps on the road derail you.  Be unstoppable!


7 thoughts on “Day 54: Damage Limitation

  1. Hey bro, take care beeer is perfect for a big and nice “one pack” oh yeah ^^… I notice that a lot of guys are going to be some “beast” (Massive) through Real time transformation (I especially think about Mike, Jeremy, Adam…but also about U mate). You are on the right place, on the shreddersphere!



  2. Hi Ron.

    We are indeed on the same day of the MS program (I am at the very very beginning). A question about your low-carb: did you go with the 20-50 grams per day MS approach, or did you go with a more balanced BFFM approach?


  3. Yeah, Bob, haven’t had a drop for a long time until last night, and don’t intend to have any more for a long time. I don’t really look for it and just had one last night to be in good terms with my boss (and for the microwave and refrigerator to be put in our office pantry)

  4. Alex, I have been sticking to the MS approach, as I realize the program is really a synergy between training and nutrition. However, during the recovery phase, I followed the BFFM approach.

  5. You are right Ron. I just forgot that my modifications are due to converting the program into a muscle building program, not rapid fat loss program.

    These leg workouts sure rock. I am glad I followed Nick Nilsson’s recommendation and used the Leg Press and didn’t attempt Squats. I wouldn’t have known how to put the barbell down so nuked I was after 8 sets.

  6. I can completely understand your situation at work. Way to say no to the second beer! You are strong! It is great to hear other people face the same challenges I do.

  7. Hey Eric, I let my boss know early on that I’m serious when it comes to my health. When I was being interviewed for the job, I told my hiring manager (and my current boss) that I won’t take the job if they would smoke inside the office (they were smoking even while they were interviewing me). I am proud to say that the office has been smoke-free since they hired me almost 6 years ago.

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