Day 51: Navigating a Feast

Day 51 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 1, Day 2

Mabuhay, Shredders!

On my second training day back on Metabolic Surge, it already felt like I didn’t miss a beat.  Today was the second part of Fat Loss Circuit Training, and my rope skipping was much better compared to yesterday (fewer snags), and I was able to again increase my weights on the same exercises compared to the last round.  It did take a bit of adjustment converting the weights though; in Brisbane the weights were all in kilograms, while here in Manila, the gym weights were a mix of pounds and kilograms.  As a trained engineer, I really prefer metric!

My nutrition was better than yesterday.  I ate better planned meals today and kept everything low-carb as per plan.  I was also able to cook and prepare more than a few meals which I would be taking with me when I go back to work beginning tomorrow, as today our house finally had flowing water again and we were able to collect enough in our water tank.

I’m sure I’ll get a few questions from my workmates when lunchtime comes, as we always go out and eat at fast food restaurants or small eateries near our office.  We also don’t have a microwave oven nor a refrigerator in our tiny office pantry; I have to make sure that the food I bring will not spoil (by keeping it in a cool place) while at the same time making sure it is palatable even when not hot.

In the evening, our family received a visit from my aunt and cousins, including a cousin I have not seen in more than eight years (since she moved to the US).  It was a joyful celebration, and as with any celebration, there was lots of food!  I managed to stick with just roast chicken and pork, and turnips for my carbs.  I had to decline the noodles, the fresh fruit, and especially the ice cream!  It was worth it though, as they did notice that I was getting lean and buff 🙂


Today I was finally able to add more info on my blog’s About page. Check it out.  Hope to add some pictures soon if I could.

If you notice below, I finally have a different pair of shorts for my progress pic, hehe.  I only had three pairs when I was away in Brisbane.


3 thoughts on “Day 51: Navigating a Feast

  1. I am with you on the metric vs. imperial system. I’ve been training in Hong Kong, China Mainland, Japan, USA and Europe. Each time I am standing in front of the DB rack doing some math my brain starts smoking.

    By the way, I’ve been in Hillsboro, Oregon for a while. Lots of people there working for Intel and other semiconductor manufacturers. I believe they do most of the developing for new CPUs in Hillsboro, but I could be wrong.

  2. Hi Ron, I’ve been following your journey, it’s great to read your blog… being so consistent, discipline and motivated, gives you really fast results.. and that keeps us coming back every day to see what’s going on with you! You already look ripped, and you’re just starting MS again… I think we’re about to see a great transformation.. so keep it up… your blog is really motivating…

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