Day 50: Getting back into the groove

Day 50 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 1, Day 1

Thanks to Adam for welcoming Danny, Juan, and me to the Shreddersphere!  This gives me all the more reason to push through with my mission and pursue it to the end!

It was my first full day back home; man it’s a big change going from winter in Australia to rainy monsoon season in Manila.  It’s hot and humid almost the whole day, even when it rains!  If I didn’t have goals to achieve, it’s tempting to just lie in bed, get in front of a fan, and just cool off.

I took today (as well as tomorrow) off from work, since I only have about two weeks home.  Besides (partially) unpacking my stuff, I also had to go shopping for my food.  It’s quite different buying food here compared to Brisbane.  You could buy from a wet market, or you could buy from a supermarket.  In both cases, the choice of foodstuffs is different from what I was used to when I was in Australia.  For example, most fish here is not filleted but sold whole.  It is difficult to find and expensive to buy frozen microwavable vegetables.  Western-style salad vegetables are relatively expensive, but you can get water spinach (which is called kangkong here), and it’s fabulous simply steamed accompanied by shrimp paste (bagoong).  Most meat in the wet market is sold by weight and sliced by the butcher, not pre-packed and sliced (but the supermarket does give you a choice).  Thankfully, skinless chicken breasts are easily available in the supermarket.  I’ll have to find out the nutritional info for the food which are not commonly found in western diets, or at worst I’ll have to make some assumptions.

As I have just gotten groceries done today, I had to estimate my meal portions.  I was still able to eat approximately every 2 to 3 hours, avoiding starchy carbs (as this is a low-carb day) and making sure I had protein at every meal.  Hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll be able to prepare my food already.  Water pressure has been very low to non-existent from the tap since this afternoon (a persistent problem in our area), so I’ve had to postpone most of the preparation until tomorrow morning.

It’s feels great to be back in the gym!  It seems ages ago when I last did Fat Loss Circuit Training, and it took me a few tries to get my rope-skipping groove back.  I focused on increasing the resistance on each exercise I did compared to the last round, and also switched some of the exercises with new ones.  In the end, I worked up a pretty good sweat.   I have to say though, that just sitting indoors during the daytime here in this weather is enough to get you sweating.  Thank God the gym is airconditioned!

So, a lot of challenges ahead, but I am determined to win.  I’m unstoppable!


7 thoughts on “Day 50: Getting back into the groove

  1. Hey Ron,
    I have to hand it to you for your diligence in making things work for you in Manilla. It would be so easy to cave in, but you are determined to stay the course.

    Congratulations on entry into the ShredderSphere. You are a great participant and an encouragement to everyone – certainly your blog journey as well as commentary.

    Shred on!

  2. Hello Ron,

    I notice that you get a good physical base, you should become massive! Hope that we gonna meet together on the Sphere.

    Bob (

  3. Ron, welcome to the shreddersphere, you are an asset. Well done for NOT lying in bed. You are making good progress and looking pretty lean. keep going bud.

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