Day 49: Transition Day 3 – Stormy Arrival

Day 49 of 84

Transitional Day – Sydney to Manila

I woke up today ready to travel.  No problems with breakfast; I just cooked my usual oatmeal, eggs, and a helping of fruit.  Once I arrived at the airport and said my goodbyes to my relatives, I ate my second meal.  I cobbled together some fruit and whole-grain bread at the airline lounge, but since there wasn’t a source of protein in sight, I ate one of my protein bars there.  My flight was good; the food they served was healthy and balanced, and I just didn’t eat the ice cream served for dessert (not this time!).  All throughout, I ate approximately every three hours, so no problems there.  In between, I re-read my goals from my notebook, and then read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.  Though it’s a book about learning how to manage your finances, a lot of the lessons there with regard to proper preparation, goal setting, and not being afraid to fail while pursuing your goals are also applicable to fitness.

The problems started once the plane descended into Manila.  Heavy cloud blocked the view until we were about a kilometer from the runway, and once we landed, it was raining hard.  I had already exited the plane and gone through immigration, when I realized I left my goal-setting notebook on the plane (I had put it inside the seat pocket).  Thankfully, the terminal was small and I was able to quickly backtrack and ask the airline staff to help me get my notebook back.

It was still raining when I went to catch my taxi home, and it poured all the way home.  I called my family to let them know I was on my way, only to find out that due to the strong rain, our kitchen (the lowest part of the house) had flooded!  That means that if the rain didn’t stop soon to let the flood subside, I would have to wade through water with my luggage to get into the house!  Thankfully, a massive traffic jam on the way home ensured that by the time I arrived, the flood had subsided and my folks were well on their way cleaning out the mess the flood had made.  I did have to eat half a protein bar to tide me over while I was stuck in traffic.

Before dinner, I let my family know that I would be following a different nutrition plan (no rice for the next 7 days) while I’m here to help me with my fat-loss goals.  I’m so glad they understood, especially once they noticed that I have leaned up a bit since the last time they saw me.  So tomorrow morning, I will visit the local market to get my supplies, right after I have my breakfast.  I’ll be creating my menu plan on the fly at least for the first day until I know what I can get at the market here.

So in the end, I did accomplish my goals for today 🙂  Now, I have to sleep – it’s already past my bedtime if I were still in Brisbane.

Stick to your plans, and expect success!


5 thoughts on “Day 49: Transition Day 3 – Stormy Arrival

  1. Great job on getting into the Shreddersphere. You are a very supportive shredder and I, for one, appreciate your efforts.

  2. Thanks, Michael, Danny, and Mike! You have all been very supportive of me, and getting into the Shreddersphere just gives me the additional push to keep at my mission. I won’t let you all down!

  3. Congrats on making it the the sphere! Save spot for me! You are doing awesome. It’s blogs like yours that pave the way for us at the beginning.
    Thanks for that.

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