Day 48: Transition Day 2

Day 48 of 84

Transitional Day – Sydney

I got a good 8 hours of sleep last night!  Normally, I averaged 6.5 to 7 hours.  I guess it’s my body really asking me to catch up from insufficient sleep the previous night.

As soon as I woke up, I went for my HIIT run (18 minutes) outside.  It was cold and a bit foggy in Sydney’s upper north shore this morning – I already miss Brisbane’s warmer weather!  It was good though as I was forced to keep my pace up thoughout.  I jogged to the local park, then started running once I hit the path that runs around and through the park.  I’ve lost some pace after not having done HIIT for more than 10 days, so I think this session was a good warmup to get me ready when i get back to my Surge cycle.

My meals were clean from meals 1 to 4, then on meal 5, I again fell into the trap of dessert (a scoop of gelato).  That’s enough dessert for me – no more until my next planned reward meal in two weeks (at the end of round 1 of Metabolic Surge).  I wrote before I travelled that I planned to have a maximum of two meals this weekend that do not stick to a clean plan; now I have already got to that.  I’ll watch what they serve on my flight tomorrow closely and will be ready with fruit and protein bars should I need to switch foods.  Tomorrow evening when I arrive in Manila I’ll have to be very careful with what I eat and let them know immediately what my fitness plans are.

I was able to sneak my camera into the bathroom after breakfast this morning to take my daily progress pics.  I’m not satisfied with how I looked today; this is extra fuel to shred hard until I get to my target date!  I’m going to use my plane time to refocus and recommit to my goals.

I’m unstoppable!


4 thoughts on “Day 48: Transition Day 2

  1. Ron,
    I am totally inspired by your commitment and enthusiasm. Thanks for putting yourself out there and holding yourself accountable. Your transformation is taking great shape.

    Goof that you have a plan for dealing with social pressure when you get home. You will make your way through this and be able to stay on track.

    Safe travels and have a great visit.

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