Day 46: Preparing to Travel

Day 46 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Strength and Recovery Phase, Day 10

Thanks to all the Alex, Danny, and Juan for their tips on how to manage my upcoming trip.  After arriving from work, I took some time to relax, then little by little, I began preparing the stuff that I need to pack (including stuff such as protein powders, oatmeal, fish oil tabs…).  Right now, I’m just taking a break before I start packing my stuff into my luggage.

I was so excited to be going home, that I forgot about my Flatten Your Abs training until just as I started updating my accountability log!  I immediately stopped and performed the exercises.  It’s really a good thing to have this log to remind me of things I need to do!  It’s also good that the exercises for level 2 can be done in the comfort of your own home (no equipment needed).

I’m keeping my post short as I still have some way to go with my packing.  I don’t want to sleep too late as I want to be able to do some HIIT in the morning. Hasta mañana, Shredders!


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