Day 45: Preparing for a “Reveal”

Day 45 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Strength and Recovery Phase, Day 9

Guten Tag, Shredders.

It was another rest day from training for me today.  Feeling quite good already, though there are some DOMS from the body parts I pushed hard with the past two days.  By tomorrow, I will have completed the Recovery Phase of my first cycle of Metabolic Surge.  I’m really eager to start another cycle after that.  I won’t be able to start immediately, however.

That’s because on Friday, I’ll be starting my travel back to Manila for a two-week break from the project I’m handling.  First, I’m going to Sydney to visit my aunt and cousins there, then on Sunday I proceed to Manila.  That means I’ll be starting my second cycle of Metabolic Surge on Monday, the 1st of September instead of Friday.  In the meantime, I plan to squeeze in two HIIT sessions, one on Friday morning when I wake up before I leave for the airport, and then another one on Saturday morning.

I am kinda nervous, because nobody offline knows about what I have been doing with regard to my fitness goals for the past 7 weeks!  My relatives in Sydney have not seen me since the first week of June.  I was doing a project in Sydney then, and I was with them almost every weekend.  And on those weekends, I tended to overeat!  I will do my best to stick as much as possible to my eating plan (at least the timing, food choice, and meal sizes) while I am there, but as I’ve been sticking to my nutrition plan almost perfectly for the past 9 days, I won’t feel guilty if I have to treat one or two meals as my “reward” meals.  I’m not yet sure if I’ll be able to take my daily pics while I’m in Sydney, but I’m should still be able to post as they do have internet access at my relatives’ house.

On Sunday, it’s about an 8-hour flight back to Manila.  For the Shredders out there, how do you plan for those long flights?

My family in Manila will see me for the first time in more than two months.  It will be another challenge for me to plan my shredding (and meal plan) for the two short weeks that I’m there.  I hope it won’t be difficult to convince them that this time, I’m serious about achieving my goals, so that they’ll understand why I’ll be extra dedicated, especially with regard to my nutrition plan.  My results so far should convince them of this!

I’ll be keeping my goals in mind all throughout.  That should help me overcome any challenges that I’ll be encountering in the next few days.

I’m unstoppable!


9 thoughts on “Day 45: Preparing for a “Reveal”

  1. Hi Mark, thanks for the comment!

    Yes, I’ve got a cheap tripod setup for my pics. It’s already missing a key tightening screw actually, so it’s hard for me to get the pics straight when I shoot 😀 I just straighten it up on the computer. But still does the job for me.

  2. Looking good ron.
    About the 8 hour flight…
    Now im not sure about australia, however if its not an international flight, you should be fine with fluids. Usually they are banned from international travel, due to liquid-bomb threats.
    I certainly cant take a drink when i go to amsterdam or the US.
    If they allow it, id say prepare a protein shake with lasting milk.
    The milk you dont neccesarily have to leave in the fridge for it to stay alright.
    Make it a 0.5 litres of milk with your usual protein mixture.(aprox. 350- 400 calories)
    The milk itself has alot of protein and calories to keep your metabolism up and your body repairing itself. Otherwise, if you get any food on the plane, eat it.
    it wont be mnuch, so it shouldnt really make a dent in your nutrition. Usually they serve relatively healthy food anyways.
    Stay away from normal coke, and have diet coke, or simply water with your meals, should they serve any.

    Well thats all i can tell you about that. I doubt that total preparation is possible, but you should bridge the flight time fine with the protein shake.

    Shred on mate.


  3. Hey Ron,
    It’s been a little while since I checked out your sight and I see major improvements. You are looking a lot more cut and the fat around your waist is melting off! Keep your eye on the goal!!!!That should help you when encountering your family. Have a safe trip and have fun!


  4. Hi Ron. You can still buy water inside the airport and take on the plane, or just ask for water in the plane itself. 8 hours is not too bad, my flights (and I do them like 6 times a year) are 13 hours or more, sometimes 18 hours. You could also make these famous cinnamon protein pan cakes and take them on the plane (check Lilla’s blog for the video article or BFFM for it).

    In general, the bigger problems is the jet lag and the time difference after arrival (probably not too bad between AU and PH). I try to overcome this by planning already ahead. I plan exactly what I will be doing and eating when I arrive. Put shopping for healthy foods and stocking your fridge in Manila on your to-do list first. Then this is out of the way and you won’t have to eat what’s available without better choice.

    Tom Venuto once wrote a great article on traveling too. But this might not apply 100% to you as you are going back home to the Philippines, and you are not staying in Hotels I guess. If you have access to the Inner Circle just get the article from there, otherwise google “Tom Venuto travel tips” or something like this.

    As for overeating with your relatives in Sidney, the best that works for me is planning ahead too. For instance, if you commit already up-front that you won’t eat any dessert, if you already decided at home what you are probably going to order for the main course, and what your drink will be, it should solve your problem. BFFM has a great list of what to order (and what not) in Restaurants if you own the book have a look. Also, eat slow and enjoy your meal.

    Hop this helps a bit.

  5. Ah, by the way. When my people saw me again after a while, they asked me if I didn’t eat enough. That was all they said.

    I have a friend who got very fat (compared to how he looked before, muscular and lean). But to my surprise, his mother and grandmother told me he looks much better now than before. He now has a rounder face and a big belly, his arms are much bigger too.

    Seems parents look at the complete fitness thing another way than we do. Being ripped could mean we are not eating enough for them. Not sure, but it definitely surprised me a bit. Same goes for my mom. She never really told me, but I realized she thought I am too thin now.

  6. Hey Alex, I thought you might have some tips as you travel between Asia and Europe a lot. Turns out you’re a goldmine! Thanks.

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