Day 44: Last Day on Strength Training

Day 44 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Strength and Recovery Phase, Day 8

Tonight I did my last day of resistance training on the Strength and Recovery Phase, and on the agenda was Strength Training for the upper body (chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps).  As with my previous session, I aimed to add resistance to my first (base) set compared to my last Strength Training workout for upper body, even if only 2.5 to 5 kg on each corresponding set.  I am glad to report that I was again able to meet my target weights and even set personal records on my barbell bench press and deadlifts.  I really tried to push myself as I know it will be several weeks again before I am able to attempt these heavy weights, as I’ll be restarting Metabolic Surge after completing the Strength and Recovery Phase (with a few days gap, more on this soon).  I’m really raring to get back to the Surge Cycle and start hard shredding again.

Nutrition was again on track and within my targets.  The only thing I ate today which was not on my nutrition plan was a few small bites of toast, with Vegemite!  I’ve never tasted it before, so I just had to have a go at it while I’m here, as it seems to be a big deal here in Australia.  I found its taste very unusual, a bit too salty for me.  It’s not really bad, but not something that I’ll be looking for in the future!

Hope all of you learned or experienced something new (like I did) today!


5 thoughts on “Day 44: Last Day on Strength Training

  1. Hey Ron, you look great. When I tried Vegemite for the first time I had the same impression; it is a MUST-TRY when you are in Australia…I like your pic in your private wardrobe, 😉


  2. Hi Juli,

    I found that the wardrobe was the only place where there was a good balance of lighting. If you look on a series of my pics, you’ll be able to find out when I do my laundry 🙂

  3. Ron,
    The shredding is working. Definitely can see the separation between your delts and biceps. Your delts are looking good. And the abs are coming in. You must be real clsoe to 10% BF. You should be real pleased with your progress. Keep at it.

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