Day 43: Another Day of Personal Bests

Day 43 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Strength and Recovery Phase, Day 7

Hola, Shredders!

This evening was another great day at the gym for me.  It was the second round of Strength training for my lower body, and, encouraged by my results in my previous session (for my upper body), I again pushed hard with the exercises.  I was able to use on my first set (8 reps) a starting weight for my squats that would have been my final set (on a good day) before I started with Metabolic Surge.  What’s better, I was able to stick with proper form!  From there, I added weight until my final set (3 reps) was my all-time heaviest squat.

I was able to do similar with stiff-legged deadlifts and seated calf raises.  It feels really good to do some heavy weights again, especially as during most of the MS program, I was not able to lift these kinds of weight due to the very minimal rest periods (if any), and the general stress brought about by a combination of HIIT and a very strict nutrition plan.

On the nutrition front, I went back to preparing all my meals in advance, so no problems following the plan.

I hope your weeks started with the same success in your training as I have had today.  Keep Shredding!


3 thoughts on “Day 43: Another Day of Personal Bests

  1. great job on the squats Ron. I hear you on the meal preparation. It certainly makes sticking to the plan a lot easier. Keep up the great work, your photos are showing the results!

  2. Hi Ron, thanks for the comment on my blog. It’s definitely great to be with you guys.

    Will definitely be an interesting experience to go on Metabolic Surge, I am looking forward to finding the right weight for the small rest period. I have ever done anything else than my 8-12 program learned from BFFM.

    And your post reminds me that I wanted to prepare complete Phase 1 food plan today. Back to work 🙂

    PS: I used your Daily Accountability Chart as template for mine, saved me a lot of headache!

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