Day 42: Trying Restaurant Food

Day 42 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Strength and Recovery Phase, Day 6

Hi Shredders! Today was another rest day from training.  So no lifting, no cardio, other than a less than a two-minute jog to catch the ferry across the river to hear morning mass – caught it just in time!  I then had a lazy day just browsing the shops in downtown Brisbane. I had nothing to buy for myself other than some protein bars to bring with me when I take the long flight home.

I tried my hand with getting two of my meals from the shops instead of bringing these meals around with me during the day.  I ended up making both of these salads, since the shop I found provided nutritional values for their food items.  It’s just amazing how difficult it is to find a proper-sized meal outside, as most meals outside are good for two meals for me!  Really, if I’m not careful, I could blow my caloric budget for the day with just two fast-food meals.  You may have read the Men’s health article on the twenty worst foods in America; it just shows the “living large” mentality is prevalent in the food industry, especially in western countries.  I’m going to stick with preparing most of my meals myself, thank you very much.

Hope you are all having (or had) a great weekend.


7 thoughts on “Day 42: Trying Restaurant Food

  1. Stick to the calories, ron.
    I know fast food is often hard to resist, but while losing weight it really is a taboo.
    Nice to know your enjoying your free days.

    By the way, ron, i’ve added a new challenge concerning push up improvement.
    Ive got the full description today’s post.
    Hope to see you on board as well.

    Shred on, man

  2. Hey Ron,
    Stopping by to say you are really doing a great job with the Metabolic Surge. Fantastic mate!

    It is really starting to show. Ripped to shreds real soon!

    Carry on!

  3. What I try to do is carry about some bananas or apples with me that help tide over the urges to eat something forbidden on my list. Not east that´s for sure. Proud of how you´re managing it.

  4. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m getting very excited too! At times when I look in the mirror, I almost have to look again and make sure it’s still me there.

  5. Hi Lynda,

    Yes, that is good advice, thanks. I now also bring something with me (fruit, or a protein bar) for those times when I have to eat something but have no good choices around.

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