Day 41: Rest (and Tourism) Day

Day 41 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Strength and Recovery Phase, Day 5

As today is a non-training day (back to Recovery mode), I took the opportunity to be a tourist again.  In the morning I went to the Workshops Railway Museum in Ipswich, a short drive from Brisbane.  It was very interesting to learn how steam locomotives work and how the the development of rail travel matches the development of Queensland state, and the industrialization of many nations.  From Ipswich, I took a quick drive through the Gold Coast before returning to Brisbane.

In the evening, I went to watch my first live Aussie Rules football match, Brisbane Lions vs. Carlton.  The stadium was just walking distance from where I’m staying, and it was the last home fixture for the Lions, so I grabbed the opportunity to watch it.  Though I did not understand all the rules, it was still much fun watching both the match (which was quick and exciting), and the people supporting their teams.

Throughout the day, I ate all my prepared meals according to plan, so no problems there.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!


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