Day 36: Busy, Busy Day

Day 36 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 5

Today I completed Round 3 of Metabolic Surge.  Being the last day, it also meant that the training would be special, and boy, yes it was.  I did Triple Add Set Training, which is similar to what I did yesterday (3 mini-sets within each set), but instead of decreasing the weight, I had to increase the weight between sets!  It was somewhat similar to Lactic Acid Training, but instead of keeping the same weight, the weight had to increase.  It was a tremendous feeling pushing my muscles through the burn, and then right through to the stress of doubling the weight, and then a few more reps with added weight on top of that.  Needless to say, after going through all the muscle groups in this manner, I was physically tired, but at the same time invigorated by this new training method.

After Triple Add Set Training, I then started with Level 2 of Flatten Your Abs Training.  As my training session was already long at that point, I started of doing just the minimum of 1 set per exercise to familiarize myself with the mechanics.  This will also allow me to progress to a higher number of sets as my core strength increases.

After my training sessions, it was off to have my 3rd Reward Meal!  This time, I opted to get a nice juicy lean beef hamburger with lots of veggies.  Then I had slice of carrot cake for my dessert.  Yummy.  Now I am ready to go back to a clean eating plan during my 10-day Recovery Phase.

An added challenge for me came last night.  I was notified by the apartment manager that my client here had apparently only booked me until tonight in this apartment, so they had actually booked my apartment for somebody else for the next two nights (Tuesday and Wednesday).  However, the apartment is available again by Thursday.  That means I have to move someplace else for just two nights, then move back again.  What a hassle!  I have been packing my bags and stuff since I arrived from my reward meal.  I still have lots of food items in the cupboard and refrigerator, food I bring to the office every day as my planned meals.  I hope none of them spoil.  It’s a revelation how much stuff you can accumulate in just two months!  The only good thing is, my next two days are rest periods on Metabolic Surge as I move into the recovery phase.  That means that I will not have any problems accessing a gym, because I don’t need to go for the next two days.

Well, I have to get back to packing now.  I hope the place I’m moving to has internet so that I can keep posting on time.

Till tomorrow, keep finding ways to challenge yourselves!


2 thoughts on “Day 36: Busy, Busy Day

  1. Ron, do you think the flatten your abs program is worth the money? I’ve been hovering over it for ages due to Adam’s endorsement of it, but am interested in your take…

    BTW, back muscles are looking awesome! Keep it going bud 🙂

  2. Hey Mark, I think it’s a bit early yet to judge whether the Flatten Your Abs program is worth the money, as I don’t see my abs yet :D, but based on how I have felt after doing Level 1 for three weeks, I do feel that my tummy is pulling back a little, and my posture is improving. I also feel muscles working which I tended to ignore, such as the deep abdominal muscles and the lower abs.

    Thanks for noticing my back too! It’s only now that I’m losing fat that I see the results of my back work. Now if I could also develop my chest a bit more. I still have this memory of the pain I got when I focused too much on the chest and got a shoulder impingement. Since then, I’ve pushed harder with my back; now I will try to balance them out.

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