Day 35: Drop Set Training

Day 35 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 4

Good day, fellow Shredders!  Hope your weekends are going well.

I had a new challenge today at the gym this morning, Triple Drop Set Training.  I had to get a weight, perform an exercise with it for 8 reps, change to a 20% lighter weight and then without pause, do as many reps as I can, lower the weight another 20%, then immediately finish with as many reps as possible again.  That was one set!  I had to do 2 to 3 sets for every body part.  Whew!  This really challenged my muscular endurance.

I was able to choose more or less appropriate weights for all the exercises, except for the chest, where I overestimated how much I could handle by the 2nd and 3rd sets.  Simply put, I wasn’t able to complete 8 reps at the start of the 2nd and 3rd sets.  It’s either I picked too heavy a starting weight, or my muscles fatigued earlier than I expected.  Either way, i just tried to get as many reps as I could, and made a note in my training journal.  While doing leg presses, I almost got cramps again, but this time, I felt it with my quads.  Good thing I was able to stop the cramp before it got worse.  I was drinking more water this time than I was before.

In the evening I went for my HIIT run using Maximal Intervals (a bit of a challenge given that my legs were still tired from the morning training), then proceeded to do my core training.  I have stuck to Level 1 training for three weeks now, and I feel I can proceed safely to level 2 by tomorrow.

I realized I have not heard anything about Brian since he got into his accident.  I hope he is recovering well.  I just said a prayer for him when I went to morning mass.

As always, keep focused on your goals!


4 thoughts on “Day 35: Drop Set Training

  1. Ron,
    I love drop sets. They are a great strategy for maximal muscle time under tension. If you can’t do all the suggested reps, go until failure and drop the weight again and go at it til failure again, and again. You’ll get a great pump going. They are easier to do on a machine since you only have to pull the pin to change weights. Dumbbells work good too. The key is to change the weight and get right back into your reps ASAP. The less rest the better.

    Your muscles feel supercharged after a set of these! Yea baby!

  2. Ron, I too have been wondering about Brian.

    You are doing great with your transformation, your back and shoulders look terrific!

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