Day 34: Change of Pace

Day 34 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 3

The Metabolic Surge training plan suggested that if I had been doing the same type of HIIT for the dedicated HIIT days, then I should try to change it up to give a new stimulus to the body.  Previously, I had been using the Near-Maximal Intervals (25s work, 5 s rest) plan when doing my stand-alone HIIT runs.  Today, I tried Sub-Maximal Intervals (60s work, 30s rest).  Yes, it definitely was a new challenge for me, having to exert above-average effort for a longer period compared to before.  Also, my legs were still tired from the Muscle Rounds leg workout from two days ago!  The target was 20 minutes total time; when I completed that, I threw in two extra intervals for good measure.

The only realized later that I had not scheduled enough time for me to do my core training after my run (as I had to eat meal 2 already), so I just did my core training in the evening.

In the afternoon, packed meals in tow, I headed off to catch the last day of the Ekka (Queensland’s agricultural show).  It was a good afternoon out learning about Queensland country life through farm animals, demonstrations, and food shows.  I went to see if there were any showbags worth getting; the Men’s Health showbag was good (two MH magazines, a gym bag, a small gym towel, and various toiletries), but the rest were aimed mostly at kids (candy, chocolate, or other junk food).  Definitely not something I would want.  I did get a few packets of beef jerky, a good high-protein snack.

Hope your weekends are going nicely.


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