Day 33: Muscle Rounds Part 2

Day 33 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 2

Good day, Shredders!

I had another good muscle rounds workout today, this time covering chest, back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps.  Compared to the last time I did muscle rounds for these parts, I was better able to stick with the weights I started with while keeping the proper timing.  Whereas last time, I had to decrease the weight for sets 2 and 3 on the bench press, this time I only decreased the weight once for set 2, while trying to keep as strict form as possible.  For the rest of the exercises, I didn’t change the weight at all but was still able to get a very good effort while maintaining proper form and timing.

I actually had to move my training session a bit earlier than originally planned.  As it was Friday, things were not as busy in the office, and one of the blokes there invited me to watch the Rugby League match with him between the Brisbane Broncos and the St. George Illawarra Dragons.  I had never watched a professional football match (of any code) on site before, so I gladly accepted.  As soon as I got out of the office, I drove home and went straight to the gym, then afterward, proceeded to the stadium to watch the match in the evening.  It turned out to be an exciting match, even though the Broncos (the home team) didn’t win.  The only drawback for me was that I was not able to eat what I had originally prepared (it’s hard to eat with a knife, fork, and plate when you’re watching from the stands, and I didn’t have time to prepare something different).  I was still able to still stick with low-fat food for meals 5 and 6 (grilled chicken breast with vegetable salad on a roll, provided by my buddy), but the roll was not the best type of carbs for me (it was white bread), so I have to subtract half a point for each of those meals.  Still I was thankful to have a different means of enjoying myself, as the past week had been pretty busy and stressful for me.

Hope your weekends will be both restful and productive.  Keep Shredding!


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