Day 32: Good Muscle Rounds Workout

Day 32 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 3, Day 1

I had a good workout today.  I finally was able to nail the Muscle Rounds training for legs.  I focused on proper form for squats and was able to stick with the rest timings between the mini-sets (10s), as well as between each muscle round (60s).  It was intense!  I then proceeded to stiff-legged deadlifts and was also able to get a good workout there.  At midpoint, I was almost thinking of stopping; the effort needed was too great.  However, I told myself to do just one more set every time I thought of quitting (even if I added 1 or 2 seconds between mini-sets), and was able to complete the rounds!

I was feeling good, until I got to seated calf raises.  I just completed my first round, then suddenly, my right calf cramped!  I don’t know why that was; I was drinking water after every few mini-sets.  I just had to stop, and let the pain subside.  After a few minutes, I continued with my second muscle round for calves, and as soon as I finished that round, it was then my left calf’s turn to cramp!  Oh well, I just took that as a signal from my body telling me to stop.  I just continued with the Core Combo and then did the Flatten Your Abs exercises.

Nutrition-wise, it was a return to low-fat meals.  I was good to be able to eat complex carbs again!  I’m sure that was partly to explain the energy I had during my workout.

Till tomorrow, keep pushing your limits!  You never know what you could accomplish by just going for one more rep, or set, or pound (or kilo).


2 thoughts on “Day 32: Good Muscle Rounds Workout

  1. Ron,
    I so totally hear you with regard to the muscle rounds for legs. They are so intense. It does sound like you have a handle on them though. I think you were wise to listen to your body when your calfs cramped. Enjoy the carbs this week.

  2. I’m just happy this last workout because my back didn’t hurt much at all during the squats compared to last time. Muscle rounds training does highlight improper for on squats since you tend to lose form when you tire. I started with a weight slightly less than I started with last time around, focussed on form, and this time, I did not feel the need to lessen the weight at all, unlike last time.

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