Day 29: Good Lactic Acid Workout

Day 29 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 1, Day 5

Hola, Shredders!

Today I continued with a low-carb nutrition plan.  I only had one problem today when my lunch (meal #3) was delayed because a scheduled training session took much longer than expected (due to technical issues at the start caused by faulty hardware).  I couldn’t really just sneak out to have my meal as I was the one conducting the training!  This whole week I am conducting several training sessions; hopefully, none of them will go over the planned times again.  An additional challenge I’ve been having these past few days is that my gums have swollen a bit due to the virus, so it makes it difficult to chew my food sometimes.  Solution: opt for more softer foods like fish instead of meat.

This evening I then went to the gym to do part two of Lactic Acid Training.  This time, it was shoulders, triceps, quads, and hamstrings.  Like yesterday, I did pre-exhaust sets, so there were two different exercises for each body part.  Unlike yesterday, I remembered to keep the 20-second rest period between the two exercises, so things were a lot more intense today compared to yesterday, especially with the leg exercises.  I’m sure tomorrow there will be wobbly legs for me.

Early day for me tomorrow, so need to get quality sleep, which should also help me get over my sickness.

Keep your eyes on the goal.


One thought on “Day 29: Good Lactic Acid Workout

  1. Shred on, ron.

    Your doing great.
    I really see the differnce in todays pic by the way.
    Wobbly legs are a good thing btw 🙂

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