Day 28: Four-Weeks On

Day 28 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 1, Day 4

I can’t believe it has already been four weeks! It’s been a big learning experience for me in a lot of ways. So far I am pleased with my results and this gives me fuel to go the distance.

Today saw the return of Lactic Acid Training, doing chest, back, biceps, and calves, with more sets! This time, I was able to get proper weights for all of the exercises, so in the end, I got a good pump! My biceps are having the DOMS now, just 12 hours after the workout.

As for nutrition, this was Day 4 of the low-carb phase. Not much to report, except that I have switched around some food choices so as not to get bored (I have had the same menu plan for the previous 3 days).

Till tomorrow, keep your eyes on the prize!

Here are comparison pics between Days 0 and 28.


13 thoughts on “Day 28: Four-Weeks On

  1. Ron,
    You have been so diligent with the Metabolic Surge. It is quite impressive. The comparison pics tell the story. You have definitely leaned up – evident on every muscle group. The sixer is starting to burn through. It’s only been 28 days – you will make even more progress in the coming days and weeks. Keep up the effort and focus. It’s great to watch you progress, my friend.

  2. Hey Ron,
    I remember when I was first about to get started I was checking out your blog in the first few days and watching it come together. You have really come far in a short amount of time. Way to go!

  3. Hi Larry, Mark, and Michael,

    Thanks for regularly watching my progress. I really feel the positive pressure coming from all of you, which just drives me further and further, against all challenges.

  4. Hi Mark, I’ll be very happy if my progress inspires you to do your best in your own quest. I’m keeping watch on you too. Shred on!

  5. Hi Juan, thanks for dropping by and for your kind words. I hope my progress so far will also inspire you to do your best. I can see that you’re getting better and better organized everyday.

  6. Hi Ron

    You are making great progress. Your photos tell the story clearly.

    Excellent work. Keep going and I look forward to seeing your progress.


  7. Adam, it was a wonderful surprise for you to feature me on your blog. Still some way to go for me, but your and all the Shredders’ support has been fantastic!

  8. Thanks Andrew, Lilla, and BuffedStuff. I’m so determined now to continue Shredding. Though it’s a lot of hard work, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it this much. 🙂

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