Day 27: Recovery Day

Day 27 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 1, Day 3

Today is a planned day off in my program.  Glad to have some rest so that my body can heal.  I took the opportunity to do my weekly food shopping.  I bought some new food items so that I can be a bit more creative with my meals.  So this evening I was able to do some stir-fry chicken with vegetables (instead of my previous grilled chicken/steamed veg combo).  Yum.  I cooked enough for 4 meals, so I have something to look forward to over the next few days.

Other than that, I just did Level 1 Flatten Your Abs training.  I feel that I’m now getting the proper feel for the exercises, which are not strenuous, but demanding on muscles in the core that I’ve never targeted specifically before.  I already notice some improvement in my posture just by following this for almost two weeks.

I was reading through the Shredder blogs today and noted both Mark’s and Michael’s posts regarding the surfeit of fitness gurus on the net, which can be confusing to beginners like me.  I have been tempted to part with my money on some of them, but realized that I got all the basics from Tom Venuto’s BFFM program and that a lot of the stuff out there is just recycled material.  I will be sticking with this program while I see results which move me toward my goals.

Till tomorrow, keep focused on your goals!


5 thoughts on “Day 27: Recovery Day

  1. Hi Michael. I agree, as I do see improvement already. Will now study level 2 training so that I can start it once I’m comfortable with level 1.

  2. Thanks for visiting again, Lilla and Adam! Wow, three Shredder Council Members commenting in one day!

    Today, I’ll be posting review pics for my first 28 days.

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