Day 25: Training Through Sickness

Day 25 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 3, Phase 1, Day 1

The whole day at work today, I was feeling a bit tired and a little feverish.  This got me thinking if I should postpone my planned workout for the evening.  Looking at the increased volume of training for the day got me concerned that I may not be able to finish it.  I just focused on drinking as much water as I can during the day to cool down my system and let it flush any viruses that I may be fighting.  On the way home, I stopped by the pharmacy and got some fever medicine, and voila, after an hour, I was ready to get into the gym!

Today, I started the 3rd round of Fat Loss Circuit Training, again using a skipping rope as my cardio between sets.  It’s been some time since I skipped rope (11 days exactly) and so at the start, my feet started to ache.  However, after pushing through and adjusting my technique, I was able to continue without much problem.  I did back, chest, biceps, and calves today.  Man, skipping rope after doing a set of calves is tough!

On nutrition, I was back on a low-carb plan.  My client took a few of us out to lunch, so I wasn’t able to eat one of my pre-prepared meals, but I think I chose wisely by getting grilled fish with rocket salad, so I was still able to stick to my nutrition objectives for the day.

After the euphoria of training (when I completely forgot I was a bit ill), I need to go to sleep now and let my body heal.  I hope I get over this soon so as not to derail my plans.  Catch you all later.


2 thoughts on “Day 25: Training Through Sickness

  1. Hey Ron,
    Glad to hear you were able to get beyond your not feeling well and get your workout done. You are a warrior.

    I am wondering how you are doing on the Surge diet? You are a day ahead of me in the cycle rotation. Quite frankly, I am glad to get back to low carb today. I had lost 6 pounds during my last low carb cycle and gained 4# back during the low fat cycle. After I got past the first two days of low carb, I actually felt better then I have this week on low fat. Are you experiencing similar?

    You are doing so well. Definitely you are leaning out. Six pack can’t be far away. In fact, your pic today looks like a two pack showing up. Keep at it Ron.

  2. Hi Larry,

    I do feel that I have a bit more energy during the low-fat (higher carb) phase compared to the low-carb phase (especially the last two days of low-carb). However, in my experience, there is not much difference in how my body feels between the two.

    Are you able to check on your body composition? During the low fat cycle, the added weight could be lean muscle mass and water.

    Thanks for letting me know that you see some visible progress in my body! I do feel a bit more of my abs now when I touch my abdomen compared to before (even though my scale weight is not changing as fast as I thought it would), so your feedback gives me more fuel to continue Shredding!

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