Day 24: Reward Meal

Day 24 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 3, Day 5

Today was a rest day from training on the Surge program.  It also is the day when I get to enjoy my reward meal!  After shredding hard for the past two weeks, I was really looking forward to this meal.  I made this a dinner with my client who’s visiting from Adelaide, and we went to a very nice Indian restaurant and ordered mango chicken curry!  It took a bit longer for dinner to be served than we expected, but the wait was well worth it!  The good thing about this meal was that it was sized just right for me.  Not a very big meal which could be shared by two people (as a lot of “supersized” main courses are these days), but normal.  Therefore, I did not feel guilty at all finishing it off.  I also found that I have become used to eating smaller meals, so I get satisfied more quickly now than I did before.

After dinner, we decided to just walk back the 4km from the restaurant back to the apartment.  It was a nice walk along the Brisbane river, which ran through parks all the way.  We even passed by some cliffs where some people were abseiling and doing rock-climbing.  I had tried those activities before, but found that I did not have the strength and endurance to really enjoy it.  I might go sometime during my rest and recovery phase for a change of pace.

When we got back, I was just about to relax and start writing my blog post for today, when I realized I still had to prepare my meals for tomorrow!  Thankfully, it was all a matter of putting things into the containers I bring with me.  Looking at my plan I also remembered to do my core exercises (which I forgot to do in my rush to have my reward meal after work, haha).

I peeked at my workout plan for tomorrow.  Things will be stepping up another notch, so I need to get as much rest as possible tonight.

Till tomorrow, keep Shredding!


6 thoughts on “Day 24: Reward Meal

  1. Good stuff, Ron, you’re looking stronger every day!

    Where in Brisbane do you live? With your description of the cliff climbers, I am guessing Kangaroo Point or thereabouts?

  2. Thanks Mark, you still remember Brisbane well. It’s a lovely place. I’m just here for a work project for the next few weeks.

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