Day 23: Three Successful Challenges

Day 23 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 3, Day 4

Today started out great.  I woke up early to do my HIIT run (maximal intervals, 30s all out run, 30 s rest, target 11 intervals).  Again, it was quite cold, and my legs were still a bit aching and tired since I just did HIIT the previous night.  I just told myself to go for it, and in the end, I was happy to complete the training, and even added 2 bonus intervals.  It was a great way to start the day, feeling so challenged, and yet feeling so alive.  I almost didn’t feel the cold while I was so focused on running, but my hands started to feel numb while I was taking a hot shower after the workout!

Things didn’t stay up for long, however.  I started feeling the start of a migraine attack about an hour and a half into work.  I don’t know exactly what set it off, but I had to stop working when my vision started to blur, and pain gradually developed in my head.  I worried about missing my workout in the evening if I didn’t recover soon.  I still took my 2nd meal, but right after I took some medicine and took an hour to lie down and shut my eyes.  When I got up (I wasn’t really able to sleep) I felt much better and slowly got back to work.  Fortunately, my nutrition schedule was not interrupted at all!

In the evening, I did something new for me, Pre-Exhaust Superset Training, which had me doing two exercises for the same body part without pause, an isolation movement first, then a compound movement.  It was the longest workout in the program so far, as I had to hit the whole body, every body part with 2 to 3 supersets.  I feel I got a very good workout there, as I was able to push hard on all of the exercises and stick with the tempo both within and between supersets.  I was even able to try some of the techniques I read about on how to do the squat properly!

Time to get my rest from a grueling day.  Tomorrow I get a rest from training, with my reward meal at the end!  I was thinking of the reward meal right after I got out of the gym!

Till tomorrow, eat clean, shred hard, think Big!


5 thoughts on “Day 23: Three Successful Challenges

  1. Hey Michael, I think I found what caused my headache yesterday. Where I am sitting in the office, there was a big rollup door open yesterday right in front of me which wasn’t open before. The harsh light coming through from outside was directly in my line of sight right behind my computer screen. Today, they have kept it closed. If ever it’s opened again, I’ll just reposition myself to avoid having it within eyesight.

  2. Hey Ron,
    You are doing so well. Great deterination and reat execution. You just keep going. I am sure you are making great progress. Glad the headache didn’t take you down for too long. Rest well tonight.

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