Day 21: Keeping Safe

Day 21 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 3, Day 2

Hello Shredders!  Hope your weekends have been enjoyable.  Thanks to Larry, Mike, and Juli who have sent me words of affirmation over the weekend.  I am now at a point when I must keep going even when my body is starting to say “stop!”, so every bit of encouragement is well appreciated!

I am happy to report that my leg muscles, from my calves all the way to my glutes, have been aching the whole day today!  That means that my workout yesterday still stressed my body enough even if I had some problems with the squat.

Today was day 2 of Muscle Rounds training for me, this time focusing on the upper body (chest, back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps).  Compared to the last time I did Muscle Rounds for these body parts (when I left the gym quite frustrated), I was able to pick more appropriate weights this time.  When I found that my form was already dipping on the exercises, I didn’t think twice anymore and just quickly stepped down the weights a bit for the next set.  Overall, I was satisfied with my workout today.

I am saddened about Brian‘s accident, which I learned about while reading Adam’s blog.  It was only yesterday that I had wrote about keeping proper exercise form to avoid injury and thus keep us moving toward our goals.  Proper exercise form is something that we can control.  However, accidents outside the gym can still happen, and so I can only pray that we and our loved ones all be kept safe from harm.  I will be keeping Brian (and his wife Vicki) in my prayers for a speedy recovery, and that he may come back with even more determination.

Till tomorrow, my friends, keep safe and keep Shredding!


3 thoughts on “Day 21: Keeping Safe

  1. Hi Ron, coming by to see how you are doing. looks like things are going great! I wish you much success with Metabolic Surge. I loved this program. I may come back to at some point.
    My thoughts also go with Brian and his family.

  2. Hey Ron,
    Great job on the workout yesterday. Legs feel a bit wobbly today? Means you did a good job! Do the same today on the upper body and you definitely will enjoy the recovery day you get tomorrow. Recovery day is when you grow.

    Let me just say in terms of the word “stop” – – When it is your mind that is tempting you to stop because of “good pain” – push through, just as you are doing. However, when your body tells you to stop – as in “bad pain” – you do need to stop so as not to hurt yourself and sideline yourself while you heal. Learn to tell the difference between “good pain” and “bad pain”

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Thanks for the advice, Larry. My body was missing just lying lazy in bed on the weekends, while my mind was saying, get out of bed and get Shredding! So far my mind seems to be winning.

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