Day 19: Role Models

Day 19 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 2, Day 2

Today was the second No Protein day of the Metabolic Surge program.  This time, I was better prepared, with more fruit ready to eat than I ever thought I would need.  Still, I had to supplement with one or two fruits in between my planned meals to control my hunger.

In keeping with the plan, today was a rest day from training, in order to preserve muscle mass and prepare for the heavy training in the coming days.  The no-protein day places a lot of stress on the body.

Last night, I listened to listened to the recording of Tom Venuto speaking on The Elite Body. It was so inspiring to listen to Tom speak; you can really feel that he really lives and breathes what he preaches.  Among the many points that I took from that interview was the benefit of having role models, who have been successful at achieving the same goals you are aiming for.  I am thankful that there are many in the Shredder community whom I can look up to.  Not only that, they actually make time to communicate with and encourage me!  Adam Waters, of course, who inspired me to start this journey, comes to mind first.  There is also Suzette, who just looks so different now compared to her “before pics”.  There are many others (Mike, Lilla, and many more), but one thing I notice is that they look so happy, no, joyful, in the pictures after having achieved their goals.  I know that they are joyful that their hard work and dedication paid off.  I am just now visualising myself getting my “after” pic with a big smile on my face.

Now, looking up to people is one thing.  Following and learning from what they have done to get to where they are now is the more important thing.  I have been eagerly reading what my role models have done every day since I started this blog, that is why I always have a research/learning component in my accountability logs.

Now, time to get some sleep and prepare for tomorrow’s onslaught! I have some role models to emulate!


3 thoughts on “Day 19: Role Models

  1. Nice job today Ron. Focus and determination will win the day. You have them both.

    Tomorrow is my first no protein day. On the one hand, I am looking forward to eating some fruit. On the other, I am wondering what it will feel like to eat no protein. Hopefully, I have enough on hand to provide enough calories for the day.

  2. Hi Larry, I think it’s better for you to overestimate the amount of fruit you’ll need for tomorrow. If there is any left over at the end of the day, you will still be able to use them when you go into the higher-carb/low-fat phase of the Surge plan.

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